Arden has a particular gift for reading the energy around her – whether that’s your personal energy, a reading’s energy, or from almost any situation or environment – and summarizing it back to you in ways that are both insightful and actionable. The ability to both see and communicate clearly what you’re seeing is an amazingly rare talent. Because of our discussions, I decided to move forward with development of my practice of craft, where her classes – both in person and online – have been invaluable.
— Kate
I am in awe of your communication skills. Not only the way you coach on communicating to others, but the way that you listen to me and out of what I’m saying distill a situation down to its essence. It makes me feel heard, and relieved.
— Vince
One of the awesome people that I had a powerful conversation with that helped me speedtrack into my divine path evolution, was Arden. I stumbled upon Arden via a seemingly random sequence of clicks that started with a ‘shadow work’ google search. I remember being dazzled by the visuals in her fb profile, only to find myself next consuming her blog. I was like, hell yes, this is my kind of person, deep technical writing on relationships, sexuality, shadow work, things that I hadn’t noticed discussed anywhere before, thoughts that had been vaguely hanging around in my brain! Arden stands out with her sharp mind, spirit, and voice – if the whole past life thing exists, she must have been previously a hardcore scientist or engineer!
— Irina
Reading Arden Leigh as she catalogs the thoughts she has and the lessons she learns as she makes her journey of trauma recovery has had an immense impact on my own. Listening to her music feels like someone disinfecting, dressing, armoring the cosmic wound. Her willingness to self-examine and allow others in on the work she is doing affirms, empowers and models what vulnerability can achieve. I owe a significant amount of progress on my own path to her.
— Anaiis
Your advice is very spot on and our session was exactly what I needed at the time. You coupled no-nonsense advice with compassion and tailored it to my experience and level of understanding.
— Pete
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