The Re-Patterning Project

The foundational course for identifying your patterns, resolving core wounds, undoing trauma imprints, learning your human operating system, and unlocking creative freedom and happiness. 8 weeks.

Myths & Magick

The right-brained companion to The Re-Patterning Project – a course in learning how the stories we tell and the characters we identify with shape our reality so we can design our own living narratives with purpose. 4 weeks.


1-1 VIP Coaching

One-on-one session work and ongoing support available on a monthly basis. We’ll start by taking you through the basic foundation of The Re-Patterning Project and then make sure you’re supported sustainably in your transformation with weekly coaching, TimeLine Therapy sessions, and text/voice memo support. 4 month minimum commitment.

Individual Session Packages

Session packages for as-needed tune-up support available to graduates of The Re-Patterning Project 8-week course.

Private Group Coaching

Take your family, housemate pod, startup team, polycule, or besties through The Re-Patterning Project together. Available for groups of up to eight.

The Pick-My-Brain-Over-Coffee Afternoon Deep Dive

Got an issue you think I can solve in a single day and don’t want to commit to the full course before you get to ask your specific questions? Choose this coaching option to create a container within a singular afternoon deep dive to work on your specific situation.