Myths & Magick: Changing Your Life Through Story

Myths & Magick is a 4-week course exploring the power of personal transformation through storytelling and archetype, otherwise known as the art of narrative magick. You don’t need any previous experience with a magick practice, and you don’t even need to believe in magick to learn how it works. If you do have training in other spiritual disciplines, this study will help enhance your relationship to them rather than compete.

Narrative magick is simple to perform on a technical level and yet it’s often elusive, because it involves a capacity for deeply expanded imagination and commitment to a kind of play we often lose touch with as we grow older. If you’re looking to understand the full power of your imagination to create measurable change in your reality, this is for you.

Once harnessed, this work is incredibly powerful. Shifting our narratives and the archetypes we identify with can shift multiple beliefs and habits at once. We create room for who we want to be, and in taking on the archetype we take on the beliefs and habits that come with it.

The stories we hold closest inform the virtues we hold, and the characters we identify with prescribe the possibilities we allow ourselves to embody. This is powerful, powerful magick. It’s a deep remembrance of our ability to shape who we are through the power of story.

 This four-week deep dive workshop is a creative, intimate group container in which each participant gets to spend the month immersing in the narrative archetype of their choice. Be prepared to create and share online vision boards, make playlists, play dress up in your closet, share the myths and stories that mean the most to you, and bring your inner fantasy world to life.

By the end of the month, you will understand how to fully and masterfully take on the mantles of the narrative archetypes that call to you. For the purpose of the month-long immersion, each participant will be working with one archetype in order to bring the necessary focus and commitment to the transformative work, but remember that with the skills learned you will be able to repeat the transformative process again and again in the future.


🍁 Week 1: Narrative Magick and the Art of the Hypersigil, how the stories we tell affect our reality
🍁 Week 2: Character and Archetype, how the characters we identify with inform the possibilities we allow ourselves
🍁 Week 3: Creating a Magical Environment, how to invite others into our stories with us for the purpose of play, creation, and community-building
🍁 Week 4: The Hero’s Journey, how to approach life’s challenges with the mindset of a hero


🌐 4 informative and illuminating 2-hour lectures, given live on Zoom m
🌐 4 weekly group Zoom calls in a clear and supportive container for hivemind growth support
🌐 1 private Facebook group for 24/7 sharing and processing
🌐 PDF files containing the lecture notes for review

New members: $500
Returning alumni: $250

This course is held twice a year in winter and summer. Message to find out about joining the next round!


🌐 4 informative and illuminating 2-hour lectures, pre-recorded for viewing at your leisure
🌐 4 PDF files containing the lecture notes for review


Purchase the self-study course and begin the work at any time, at your own pace. Coming soon!