What should I do to prepare for The Re-Patterning Project?

Great question! There’s no prep work to do before the course begins. That said, I recommend setting aside a calm and quiet space from which to join lectures and calls. I also recommend having a singular notebook to use for note-taking and journaling throughout the course, one that you don’t use for anything else – having your notes all in one place with no other material interfering with them creates a sense of energetic clarity. And in general, the more quiet and spaciousness you can create within yourself and your environment in the days and weeks leading to the start, the more space there will be for the course contents to land and for you to process them.

Is preparation any different for Myths & Magick?

Myths & Magick also requires no prep work, and I also recommend having a singular notebook and a quiet space from which to join lectures and calls. It’ll be handy to have Pinterest and Spotify accounts, but you can work around that if you don’t have or want either of those.

While both courses are about personal transformation, Myths & Magick is a more playful and lighthearted course. If you’re going to do both, I recommend starting with The Re-Patterning Project and joining Myths & Magick afterward.

How much work do the courses require?

The vast majority of the transformative work will come from listening to and engaging with the lectures. Both courses have a few homework assignments akin to journaling, revisiting your personal history, setting intentions, or creating vision boards. You’ll definitely get out of each course results proportionate to the work that you put into it, but I very much believe in free will and the amount of work you choose to do is up to you.

Is there a discount for taking a course more than once?

Yes! The Re-Patterning Project is a dense course and most participants will benefit from viewing the material more than once, whether that means going back and reviewing the lectures from your container or joining up for another round in the future. In fact, our alumni are so valuable to the container that we welcome them back with a $500 tuition (75% discount of the original price). We believe in the power of those who have already gone on the journey to help newcomers along, even as they uplevel their own understandings of the work and apply it to newer, more quality challenges.

Myths & Magick similarly has a returning alumni tuition of $500, a roughly 30% discount of the original price.

How emotionally intense is The Re-Patterning Project?

The Re-Patterning Project is an 8-week course designed to give you the tool set to bring up and consciously examine the latent patterns and trauma imprints you’ve been carrying throughout most of your life, so in order to do what it’s designed to do, the material is necessarily confronting. While the private Facebook group exists in the group course (and self-study users may opt to participate in the free group The Re-Patterning Parlor) for ongoing support, it’s a good idea to have support folks handy that you can process with. Some participants have also paired The Re-Patterning Project with their usual therapy to good effect.

It’s important to note that while the course material may be confronting, as a facilitator I in no way believe in “breaking people down,” pushing them, or purposefully “triggering” a response in them. This kind of tactic in personal development containers tends to lead to retraumatization and destroys the necessary sense of emotional safety in a container. Instead, The Re-Patterning Project aims to create a supportive container where processing and deep dives can happen, where trauma imprints can be examined with compassion and equanimity, and where change can be invited in with ease. While results naturally will be proportionate to the amount of effort, courage, and willingness to be vulnerable brought to the container, any and all participation is completely voluntary and no one will be pushed beyond where they’re willing to go.

How emotionally intense is Myths & Magick?

Myths & Magick deals with the roles and archetypes we play out either consciously or unconsciously, so while there can be some grief in opening ourselves up for the first time to energies we previously hadn’t given ourselves permission to embody, overall the course is playful and lighthearted in nature.

How often do you teach the group courses?

The Re-Patterning Project runs twice a year in winter and summer, and Myths & Magick runs twice a year in autumn and spring. You can also purchase a self-study version of these courses for immediate download through this site.

How should I prepare for our private sessions?

While we’ll go over this when you book, for individual sessions it’s great to have an intention set for what you want your session to accomplish, and to share that with me beforehand so I can tune in to it. For the four-month private course container, the coursework will dictate the flow of our sessions to get started.

For your sessions, as much as possible make sure you’re tuning in from a calm and quiet space with no distractions. You’ll ideally want to leave some time in the rest of your day to rest, relax, and hydrate, as it’s possible stuff will come up to be cleared and you’ll want to have space available to be with yourself with no external demands, even if that’s just some time with a mug of tea, a blanket, and a chill movie.

Can I purchase a single session with you?

Individual sessions (75min.) and individual session packages can be purchased by graduates of The Re-Patterning Project. If you’re new to the material, it’s necessary to establish the foundations of the work first in order to maximize our time together.

If you don’t want to wait for the next course to begin, or if you’d prefer to learn the foundational work in a private setting, you can sign up for the four-month private container to do this work with me one-on-one, and you’ll have access not only to the coursework but to ongoing sessions and support by Voxer.

If you’re certain that you can have your questions solved in a single session and aren’t interested in the coursework, the Afternoon Deep Dive half-day session is available for all things brain-picking.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Our economic system is highly imbalanced and not everyone feels comfortable making payments in full. We can work out a monthly plan that feels good to you as long as you have a card to put on file for automated payments.

Do you offer scholarships?

An amount of half-tuition scholarships (50% off the full price) for The Re-Patterning Project are available per round to community organizers, activists, and those who recently blew up their lives (big breakup, move across country, left a secure job, etc). If you fit any of these categories, use the contact form to write to me with a little about yourself, your work in the world, why you need a scholarship, and how you believe The Re-Patterning Project will help you to amplify that work for the good of the collective.

You can also implement a payment plan with a scholarship.

What is your refund policy for the courses?

New participants to the courses have one week to decide if the course is not for them in order to receive a refund on the full amount minus the non-refundable deposit.

Returning alumni must cancel before the start date of the course to receive a refund or credit to transfer to another round.

Would you like to be on my podcast, panel, or web series?

Probably! If you’re here then you’re already familiar with my current work, so chances are good. I’m likely not interested in rehashing my earlier work in dating and sexuality – nothing personal, but I get bored of the past. Send me a message through the contact form and we’ll connect.