1-1 VIP Coaching

Learn the foundational work of The Re-Patterning Project in an intimate one-on-one session work setting and apply it to your own circumstances, history, and patterns in real time through focused and personal facilitation.

The Re-Patterning Project is an 8-module course designed to teach an understanding of the human operating system – how our patterns form, how to identify the unconscious places we may be leaking their creative energy or operating from wounding, how to create habits of mindfulness for achieving emotional resilience and self-mastery, how to identify our zones of genius and start putting foundations under the work we want to create in the world.


ย This knowledge brings up an awareness of everywhere we might be spending energy fruitlessly, and returns our creative power to us so that we can put it to use for positive, sustainable change (instead of leaking it all out in old patterns of approval-seeking, unhelpful coping mechanisms, and ineffective short-term solutions). This means more energy, confidence, bandwidth, resources, and flow for our important work in the world! Not to mention that our ability to create happiness will in itself serve as a lighthouse, a reminder of what’s possible, to everyone we encounter.

ย In this private and confidential container, I will personally take you through the learning and integrating of each module and will work with you to apply the principles to your life as you go. We’ll utilize Timeline Therapy as well as focused coaching to create massive shifts on both the conscious and unconscious levels. We’ll explore your history together as well as your vision for the future, and we’ll figure out which patterns need to be upgraded in order to bring that reality into being. Together we’ll install new beliefs, practices, and ways of being that support the vision you’re creating, and we’ll keep you on track for their full integration. You’ll have access to ongoing support for whenever questions arise, and we’ll focus specifically on your intentions, your circumstances, and your history, applying deep analysis to the existing patterns and creating new pathways for ease, joy, success, and flow.

In order to establish the full foundation of the work, this is a 4-month commitment.


๐ŸŒ Four 75min. phone sessions per month (16 total)
๐ŸŒ Ongoing support by Voxer
๐ŸŒ 8 video modules of The Re-Patterning Project

Sign up for four monthly payments of $2200 or $8000 if paid in full.

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