So You Think You Can Div

A new and thorough approach to divination

So You Think You Can Div

Divination is a means by which occultists gain insight and information into past, present, or future situations in order to inform best courses of action or make reasonable predictions about the unfolding of events. If you’ve ever pulled tarot or oracle cards, read runes, thrown bones, swung a pendulum, or used divinatory systems like the I Ching or even a Ouija board, then you know what it is to use tools in conjunction with spirit in order to gain information.

I’ve been practicing (and sometimes teaching) divination for close to a decade now, but in just the past few months, I’ve begun expanding my method such that the information I’ve been getting is ten times more abundant, specific, and actionable than I’ve ever experienced before.

What am I doing differently? Honestly, nothing that required me learning any new or fancy skills beyond what I already knew. Only a means of communication, seemingly obvious in hindsight but which took me a decade to realize, that allows me to perform the kind of checks and balances that make it so that every bit of information I receive is both set up to be as clear as possible as well as confirmed in accuracy before wrapping up the reading.

It’s ridiculously simple but it has absolutely transformed my relationship to divination such that I’m not sure I can go back to my old 4-card or Celtic Cross pulls.

This Saturday January 27th is my birthday, and I decided I want to spend the afternoon geeking out with you all over this new way of reading that I’ve been so absolutely floored by in the past couple months. I need to infodump to a bunch of folks who will understand why I’m so excited about it and then put it to good use themselves.

You don’t need any previous experience, nor do you need to have any traditional divinatory systems memorized in order to reap the full benefits of this class. Long-studied occultists will also benefit greatly, given that I had been divining for a decade before I started doing it this way and I’m shocked and amazed it didn’t occur to me to sooner.

Because it’s a relatively simple process to explain and demonstrate, and because it’s my birthday and I just want to hang out and geek out over what I’m doing, I’m offering this class for $27, since my birthday is on the 27th.

And since my full birthdate is 1/27, if you’re feeling flush and adventurous, for $127 you can get access to the class as well as a 1-1 specialized reading from me in this format, to be scheduled through end of January.

I’ll also be pulling a few live demos for class attendees. These readings are energetically intensive and it’s difficult to predict how long they’ll take, so we’ll see how many we have time for, but if you’re interested be prepared to hang out for a while and we’ll see how long I last.

Join me this Saturday and allow yourself to be hounded by insight. Just don’t blame me afterwards if you can’t get your spirits to shut up – you have been warned!

(And yes, there will be a replay sent out after so you can watch it forever!)

January 27, 2024
12:00pm PT

Your Facilitator

Arden Leigh is the creator and facilitator of The Re-Patterning Project.