Introduction to Repatterning

Internal Beliefs, External Results

Introduction to Repatterning

For the past five years, The Re-Patterning Project has guided dozens of intrepid participants into deep awareness and unprecedented self-mastery, allowing them to make the sweeping changes and subtle tweaks that bring their lives into alignment with their dreams, passions, and greatest happiness.

In this introductory workshop, we’ll be unpacking how the internal work functions to create the often stunning and rapid external results that folks receive in the process.

Our patterns, beliefs, and internal algorithms form over a lifetime of experiential learning with the world around us. They begin with an incident that creates that learning in ourselves or in our lineage, and if left to their own devices they will continue to inform the experiences we align with and create for ourselves, snowballing over time through our information and memory processing and our confirmation bias.

This means that an incident that formed a belief about the world during our childhood, at a time in which we were in a very limited environment, can still be unconsciously informing our actions and decisions even when we are a fully grown adult with the free will to move about the world as we please. 

In this workshop we’ll learn how this happens, what we can do to bring our awareness to our own patterns, and how we can change them and install new ones that support our greatest happiness and fulfillment. Those beliefs and behaviors that we create within ourselves will then generate a new reality through the ways we interact with the world and where we choose to place our focus.

This is what it means to change our reality externally through changing ourselves internally.
And the best part is… once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Meaning that you can carry this knowledge with you for the rest of your life, throughout all your interactions with others around you, and understand why and how they’re all playing out. 

Join us for this four-hour workshop to learn how it all works!


(And there will be a replay sent out after so you can watch it forever!)


July 1, 2023
12:00pm PT

Your Facilitator

Arden Leigh is the creator and facilitator of The Re-Patterning Project.