Create Your Own Spirits

Servitors: Create Your Own Spirits

Servitors are spirits we create from our own minds and program to execute relatively simple tasks for us. In last month’s divination class, we talked about the idea of creating a servitor to remove distortion and aid clarity in our card interpretations, and many expressed that they’d be interested in a class on how to make them.

 We can make servitors to help guard buildings, ensure our mail gets delivered safely, to help us find clients, or to bring us certain things or experiences in our reality.

These artificial spirits are a little like the Purpose Robot of tv’s Rick and Morty (that is, a small sentient robot that the character Rick creates to perform niche tasks like passing the butter or pulling a lever). They can only do what we program them to do, but hey, isn’t it nice to have a little help around the house sometimes?

I personally have had MUCH greater luck creating a servitor to enforce quiet in my building than I ever had waiting for nighttime security to handle it or writing complaints to the management. (And as an autistic person with sensory sensitivity this has been critical to maintaining my mental health.)

 In this class, we’ll learn the process of making servitors, including how to open the astral “laboratory” where you can make them, how to create them, how to design and program them, how to maintain them, and how to make sure they don’t go rogue or get out of hand. We’ll also brainstorm some good purposes to create them for that you may not have otherwise thought of – for example, a servitor whose sole purpose it is to bring you things that delight you, to find the perfect gifts for your friends, or find the best deals on vacations. The possibilities are truly endless!

And if you’re interested in taking your servitor work to the next level, for $100 you can add a 50min 1-1 consultation/divination to the class, to be scheduled separately, so that we can meet up and strategize about designing the servitors that best fit your needs, including pulling cards on how those needs will be best served. You can also use this time for any other consulting or divination needs, so if you’d like more magick help but you’re not sure what to ask about servitors yet, don’t shy away from booking — we will figure out together what’s coming up in your field and what the best solution is!

Join me Saturday February 24th and learn how to employ your imaginary friends!

(And yes, there will be a replay sent out after so you can watch it forever!)

February 24, 2024
12:00pm PT

Your Facilitator

Arden Leigh is the creator and facilitator of The Re-Patterning Project.