These past several months I’ve really been taking responsibility for my complicity in the unhealthy patterns in my life. I’ve posted a lot of writings acknowledging my process to try to heal and do better, and it’s been both humbling and cathartic to call myself on my own bullshit publicly.

Today I feel I deserve a brag. This isn’t even a humblebrag, it’s a full-on boast (so fair warning if that kind of thing annoys you, you can stop reading here, no hard feelings).

A couple nights ago I treated myself to a reading from intuitive astrologist Laura Eisenhower, more because I’m a fangirl of her lectures than because of any pressing issues. I wanted her take on my soul mission, the way my inner personal life intertwines with my outer professional one. I gave her a few brief details about myself but most of the reading was her intuitive interpretation of my planetary placements.

Here’s a few of the things she told me (I recorded it):

“[Your healing work] has kept opening doors for greater work and greater service so it’s manifesting in your career path as something really huge, as a gift to humanity. All these different trials and tribulations or processes that you’ve gone through, your chart shows that the end result of where it all goes is to humanity as a gift, as a teaching, as something that is beyond just ‘oh ok, I got over it’ – it’s like no, you’re actually bringing in major downloads and ancient wisdom and your unique authenticity. You activate and upgrade – there’s just no end to what this level of embodiment can do for anybody who is in front of you – we’re talking like one-on-one individuals and large large groups, and it becomes global. I mean your emotional psychic energy encompasses the whole of Gaia.”

“When Pluto is next to Saturn it’s usually related to someone who is a teacher of sexual healing and alchemy and things that relate to what Pluto represents, which is the regenerative power of nature. Saturn has to do with the path of mastery and being a teacher, and you have this in the fifth house of creativity, and it’s also next to the asteroid Pallas Athene which is wisdom, and then also Mars which is in your chart in Libra, which is partnership. So your Mars expression vibrates at the Libra energy which is all about finding that sacred union.”

“What’s amazing about your chart is you have Neptune, the planet of dreams and mystical realms, in your seventh house of partnership with no afflictions, which means you are going to manifest the dream partnership. And it’s next to Juno, which is the asteroid of sacred union. And because it’s not afflicted, it means you can live the dream without it turning into a nightmare, or some sort of glitch in the imagination that creates something less than desirable. And Juno represents longevity, so once it’s launched, it’s happily ever after.”

“And what an amazing leadership role to have. Because you’re on this path, and you have the ability to reach such a huge global population, you help bring people into that. They don’t have to understand it – you invite them into that frequency. And so you play such a major role in this Ascension.”

“You’re just on a powerful healing path and you’re going to help influence communities. Everything that has been an issue, everything that has been a deep wound, particularly from family, it’s becoming this greater message and something that is helping you to reach people that need somebody that can speak that language, that can call to that part of them that needs to be seen and heard. It’s really beautiful to see this. You just made my day.”

So, after all the work I’ve been doing since last summer that’s had me fucking wiped out exhausted all the time, this was amazing to hear, especially from someone I stan so hard. So I thought today I’d share it here to celebrate myself and make it feel more real.

And also if you want a reading from Laura or just to support the important work she does in this world, you can check her out at Peace