Hello friends!

It is time to announce… the TRPP SCHOLARSHIP!

Have you been thinking you might want to join The Re-Patterning Project but feel too short on funds for the $2K sticker price? We’re in a horrible economic recession, and just because something is WORTH a high price doesn’t always mean that we can afford it (no matter what those love+light spiritual bypassing manifestation coaches tell you).

If you fall into one of these three categories, you have an opportunity to sign up for The Re-Patterning Project at half price tuition!

1. ARTIST/ACTIVIST: you are a person who has thrown a significant part of your life’s energy into spreading an important cause, mission, or creative career, and you have a platform or audience for whom you act as a role model.

2. COMMUNITY ORGANIZER: you are a person who helps create and support a community of people with resources, humble leadership, and empathy for the purpose of collective wellbeing.

3. JUST BLEW YOUR LIFE UP: you have recently had a significant breakup, career change, move across the country etc that gives you a clean slate to create new patterns.

My favorite kind of people to work with is those who know that they are meant to use their genius to create positive impact in their communities and in the lives of those around them. I love being able to help create more bandwidth, more sustainable energy, more resources, and more empowerment to action in their lives, because I know that they will pay it forward, and that the ripple effects of their learning and happiness will expand outward and touch other lives that I may never even come into contact with. (It’s an introverted revolutionary’s dream, really.)

If you’d like to apply for one of these spots, simply follow these guidelines:

• Email me at arden@therepatterningproject.com with “TRPP SCHOLARSHIP” in the subject.

• Tell me which of the above three categories you fall into.

• Tell me a little about yourself, where you’re at, your work in the world, and your audience/platform or community (if applicable).

• Describe why you want to take The Re-Patterning Project, what you imagine it will help you with, and how you plan to use that energy to better improve your world.

Those accepted will be offered a half-price tuition of $1000 (off the regular price of $2000).

And you can set up a payment plan for as little as $100/mo.

The Re-Patterning Project is a course designed to teach people an understanding of their human operating system – how our patterns form, how to identify the unconscious places we may be leaking energy or operating from wounding, how to create habits of mindfulness for achieving emotional resilience and self-mastery, how to identify our zone of genius and start putting foundations under the work we want to create in the world. This knowledge brings up an awareness of everywhere we might be spending energy fruitlessly, and returns us our creative power so that we can put it to use for positive, sustainable change (instead of leaking it all out in old patterns of approval-seeking, unhelpful coping mechanisms, ineffective short-term solutions, etc). This means more energy, confidence, bandwidth, resources, and flow for our important work in the world! Not to mention that our ability to create happiness will in itself serve as a lighthouse, a reminder of what’s possible, to everyone we encounter.

Graduates of the program report:

🔹 An overwhelming, often eyeball-melting slide into the life of their dreams, picking up visible steam about six months after the course ends

🔹 A renewed excitement and engagement with life when they realize they have the ability to volley with reality and learn how to control their results

🔹 The ability to discern, immediately and intuitively, the right choices to make for themselves in nearly every situation (and to source reliable help on the rare outlying occasion!)

🔹 A deep, unprecedented level of self-awareness and self-mastery, and a reconciliation and full integration of their past timeline, such that they understand how all the events in their lives led where they are in this present moment

🔹 Crystal clear manifestation energy for building the future of their dreams (the result of untangling patterns imprinted by past trauma)

🔹 The ability to understand where other people’s behaviors are coming from and what motivates their own actions and choices, which leads to more compassion and more fruitful interactions

🔹 The ability to predict how situations are going to play out in the future based on the patterns present in them

🔹 Relief of stress, overwhelm, feelings of helplessness, and burnout

🔹 A sense of peace, capability, awareness, and badassery, and the will to live, even in times like these that challenge it

Here’s what we cover:

💠 Week 1: Understanding All the Ways Our Patterns Form and Why We Get Stuck In Them

💠 Week 2: How Our Patterns Root In Via Our Information and Memory Processing, and How “Law of Attraction” REALLY Works (And How It Intersects with Systemic Oppression), And How We Can Program Ourselves for the Results We Want

💠 Week 3: Trauma Responses: Here’s Some of the Unconscious Stuff You May Have Been Doing, Tag Yourself to Make the Unconscious Conscious

💠 Week 4: How to Stop Doing All That and Do Something Better and Healthier, Slowly, with Self-Compassion for When You Inevitably Slip Up

💠 Week 5: Relationships, Attachment Styles, and Using the Mirror of Polarity for Self-Awareness and Growth

💠 Week 6: Integration and Expansion – Controlling the Speed of Your Journey for Sustainable Change (Plus That Awkward Growth Phase Where You Start Losing Friends – Is It Spiritual Growth, or Are You Being an Assh*le?)

💠 Week 7: Alright Now That You’re Unstuck, What Do You Wanna Create? Finding Your Soul Mission and Hacking Your Flow State

💠 Week 8: Foundations for a New Future: Putting Legs Under Your Creativity and Building a Life Doing What You Love

This course is for you if you…

🔹 are so over going through endless cycles of burnout but have never given up hope that things can be better

🔹 would really like to be on board with the whole “manifestation” idea but need to understand how it works and see some results in order to truly believe in it

🔹 know that you’re smart and capable but feel like you have gifts that are going to waste

🔹 want a sustainable relationship with money, and to feel security in being able to support yourself in ways that actually nourish you instead of burning you out

🔹 are ready for a life where you get to do what you love, ethically and sustainably, and to feel empowered to make the life of your dreams a reality

🔹 want to unearth your core drivers and motivations, get a birds’-eye-view on your entire life, and feel truly confident about knowing the best places to give your energy

🔹 are so done with friendships and relationships full of disappointment and hurt, and ready to call in your soulmates, soul family, and support circles, even if it means growing past your current circumstances

🔹 are ready for the chapter of your life where you get to say that your trauma made you both stronger and softer

🔹 want to relieve both feelings and circumstances of stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion

🔹 want to show up as your best self so that you can do your soul work in the world

🔹 understand that the life of your dreams will cost you your old one, and are so ready to give it up to be happier

Here’s what’s included:

🌐 8 mind-blowing, hilarious (if I do say so myself), information-packed lectures you will be digesting for years to come

🌐 8 weekly group calls in a clear and supportive container for hivemind growth support

🌐 1 private Facebook group for 24/7 sharing and processing

🌐 Bonus interviews with experts such as Robert Greene (author of The 48 Laws of Power), Katherine Gerardi (emotional alchemist and the facilitator who coaches me personally), and Adam Lyons (income instinct expert and builder of millionaires)

💙 Plus a VIP upgrade option that includes not only the course material and container but also a set of five 1-1 sessions to work with me personally on your own pattern-hacking!


July 10 – September 1

Lectures: Sundays 12-3pm PT
Group calls: Thursdays 5-7pm PT

Regular tuition: $2000
VIP package: $3000
Returning alumni tuition: $500
Scholarship tuition: $1000

Payment plans available.

If you’re in for this round, or you have any questions about the course, message me and let’s find a time to chat!