I’m having a really hard time with some of the subtle misogyny appearing on facebook today, much of it from guys I know and like.

Here’s something that’s happening right now: A man who has confessed to committing multiple counts of sexual assault is running for the presidency. His entire party seems to want to deny women access to reproductive care. His supporters want to repeal women’s right to vote. Some people are trying to hold him accountable but nobody has stopped him, because nobody CAN, because our system (ostensibly) allows the people to choose their leaders and the people who live in this nation are allowing this man to continue.

This is the current state we live in. So given all that, I’m a little more sensitive to memes calling women fat cunts or dismissing their needs as ridiculous.

Guys, we SEE YOU. Women see you and it hurts, it hurts so fucking much, because all we’re asking is to be treated as human beings. And maybe you’re not guilty of sexual assault yourself – cool, congratulations. But when you spend your energy and your words making fun of the things women need to feel safe, instead of devoting that time to fighting alongside us, what are we supposed to think? How are we supposed to show up and love you, work with you, be friends with you, when you’re showing that you are totally cool turning a blind eye to what we’re facing right now? I myself have been a victim of sexual assault so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve been literally grabbed by the pussy, more than once. Just watching the news or going online is incredibly painful for me – triggering in the real sense of the word, as in, it brings back flashes of times I was in physical danger.

PLEASE. PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU. We need you on our side right now. Please don’t spend your energy telling shitty jokes dismissing our legitimate emotional and physical needs. Please don’t make our lives any more difficult than they already are this month. We’re scared, and it’s serious, and if you keep this up, regardless of what happens on election day we may never be able to trust you again.