I know I’m paving the way toward a healthy true love partnership but for right now can I say how grateful I am to be single rather than in an unhealthy abusive energy-draining partnership? Holy shit I have so much energy for myself.

I got so much done this year. I threw 2 huge dinner parties, recorded 9 Peace Talks interviews, attended 10 ceremonies, took a 6wk Healer’s Process course, I’m running my first retreat this weekend, my album is on track to come out in January, I’m pulling together the next book draft hopefully by the end of the year, and I HAVE NO FUCKBOYS SIPHONING MY RESOURCES. Not to mention I basically completed a full multi-modality trauma-healing process resolving my core wound. I’m still getting used to it but I’m pretty sure I completed the necessary coursework.

I used to do so much for my lovers and the energy just went nowhere – it either went to their own egoic creations (which were always problematic – and in one case illegal, apparently) or it just went to waste.

Who knew I would do so much more with what I had to give.