Hey guys. Pretty much every woman I know or see online today is hurting. The AHCA, which just passed the House, would make being a survivor of sexual assault or domestic violence a pre-existing condition. That means a woman who’s dared to go to the hospital for a rape kit can be denied health coverage.

So if you’re a guy and you’re just doing your normal shitposting today… we see you. We see you and it hurts that you can see us hurting and not care. If you’re on here making dumb jokes or ignoring the situation, what we hear is “I don’t care whether this world is safe for you. I just care about what affects me personally.”

This attitude, which begins in individuals, gradually conglomerates and forms culture, belief systems, and ultimately the collective masculine and its relationship to the collective feminine. If you’re wondering why that girl from Tinder flaked before meeting you? It’s probably because she decided she didn’t feel safe enough to take the risk. And ignoring how much we hurt on days like today contributes to why.

More and more women I know are talking about pulling away from the collective masculine. I’ve seen more Lysistrata references in the past six months than I did in all three years at NYU.

So if you’re one of the guys who follows me for dating advice or how you can better connect with women, don’t wait til you’re flaked on and then wonder how you could have crafted your texts better. Listen to me TODAY, and go convince your bros to help you do the heavy lifting. This is no longer about what opener to use or how you escalate a text conversation. This is about creating a world in which women can feel safe to be sexual.

And that starts with paying attention to us when we tell you there’s a problem.