Pretty funny how to even stay at the table these days it feels like you need to keep creating and creating.

It’s not a bad deal really, because I love creating.

But sometimes I feel like I’m moving so fast that I fail to appreciate everything I’ve done. No sooner did all the reviews for my album trickle in than I messaged my manager and my bandmates and said, “Ok guys, I need to go move my coaching business to the next level. Take a break for a couple months and we’ll start playing shows again when summer hits. If I hit all my business goals now then we can tour next spring.”

And boom.

My album released in February.

The music video debuted in March.

I launched my new coaching site in April.

Now it’s May and I’m opening registration for my next course, #TheRePatterningProject.

I’m choosing this pace so it’s all good. But I don’t want to forget to celebrate everything I’ve done.

So if you’re following me and my work inspires you, or if you care about me and like what I do, or if for any reason you want to take this moment and celebrate with me, I’m going to link to my album and music video in the comments below. Because I don’t want to forget that I just made these things literally months ago, and sometimes I’m shocked that I have any heart and guts left to pull from considering how much I put into them.

Thanks for reading, following, and witnessing me. ♥️♥️