I just taught the Week 1 webinar for The Re-Patterning Project and wooowwww…. I feel amazing!! We have SUCH a great group of smart and amazing and committed people who are really making this experience an absolute joy for me!!
One cool thing I am noticing about my own re-patterning is that I still tend to overgive. I have SO MUCH information that I want to impart, I only got to about half of what I’d prepared for today (I figured that would happen, which is why I didn’t bother mapping out much of a definite curriculum beyond week 4-5).  I’ve not only set up a container where I can teach via webinar, but I can also give a weekly syllabus of additional reading if anyone wants to delve further on any of the topics. I’ve gotten some bomb-ass instructors who worked with me on my own processes to agree to give some bonus interviews in the group. I’m even going to offer the option of turning our group calls into mini Timeline Analysis sessions for basic package participants to do before the group for everyone’s learning if we don’t fill all the group call time with questions. Holy crap I am such an overgiver, and this course is definitely bringing that out in me!!
HOWEVER… the cool thing is that now instead of overgiving into toxic relationships with people who drained me, I can now channel all my overgiving tendencies into my course!! And if my participants all think to themselves, “hey wow there is so much value here,” then that will only help me enroll more people in the future, which means more support for me getting to do what I love. So this is just another example of how we can take all the light in our shadows and make them work for us instead of against us! I might be an overgiver, but now I’m ready to also be an over-receiver!
See? Still learning. So grateful. So blessed. So stoked. And very confident now that I know what to do with my ish when it comes up, and feeling pretty good about being able to help others with it too.