Every time you mock a survivor on your timeline, no matter how rich or superficial or trashy you deem them, another survivor sees it and has a little less faith in humanity thanks to you.

Every time you mock Kim Kardashian for being robbed and held hostage, I hear that I deserved to be stolen from because I owned a few nice things.

Every time you mock Blac Chyna for being a stripper, I hear that work in sexuality denies me a right to privacy and the right to consent.

Every time you mock Amber Heard for being a liar, I hear that no one cares that my ex choked me against a wall because there was no proof.

Every time you mock Amber Rose for posting her own nudes, I hear that you’re only interested in my sexuality when I’m being violated.

No, there is no false equivalency here. You’re either with us or you’re against us. And if you’re not with us, just know that I am actively working and praying to create a world that will no longer support you, that will finally start to hold you accountable, that will leave you to die alone in the cold unless you adapt.

Move or be moved.