So here’s a thing that happened:

After my car accident, I was sent by my lawyer for chiropractic treatment. The place they sent me was horrible. In five appointments I received only one adjustment by a human person. The rest was machine treatment. They didn’t even have parking. They didn’t even SHARE THEIR WIFI PASSWORD. And their office hours were practically part-time, mornings only. I received better care and results in 15min with my shaman than I did in five appointments with these assclowns.

So finally I contacted my lawyer and complained. I asked if there was anywhere else I could be sent. They said yes, and found a place near me with better hours and validated parking. So I went.

The doctor was immediately more personable, empathized with my story of the other place, promised me an adjustment by a human person on each visit. He’s a good chiropractor but more to the point, he treats me like a human. I have a few appointments with him and I’m happy with it.

Then one day I go back and I see a second doctor at the same firm. Based on his name I think he’s Persian or Armenian (first doc is a white guy). OH MY GOD I have never had a better chiropractic treatment. It’s like a spiritual experience. This guy knows exactly where and how to position or touch my body, knows when I am or am not fully relaxed, holy shit it’s like he sees my soul. Like, it’s ALMOST uncomfortable how intimate it is. I have met a chiropractor who makes me feel shy. I’m pretty sure he can read my thoughts.

I go back for another appointment and see the second doctor again. This time I ask him, “You have a really intuitive touch, do you… work with energy?”

He says “Well sure, I have to be able to sense my patients’ energy to know when they’re relaxing or where they’re holding tension.”

I’m like nah homes. “No I mean… did you study a modality other than western medicine?”

And he goes “…yeah I’m pretty into pranic healing.”

And I’m like “Yup I thought so. Well, great job. I’m super impressed.”

I go back for another treatment today and when I get off the elevator I smell something familiar in the hallway. Before I even recognize it, I know this sensation doesn’t belong on the 10th floor of a commercial building in DTLA. I’m like, wtf? It reminds me of times I’ve spent with my spiritual friends, in ritual or in ceremony, or… what the hell, is that palo santo?

I walk into the office and there’s a stick of it burning on the reception desk. I ask whose idea it was. Sure enough, it’s the miracle doc.

I’m like, holy shit, I’m home. I walked into a “normal” place and I’m not a total weirdo. There’s a little bit of my world in the mundane.

All of this is to say the following:

If your emotional body is a hell no to something (as mine was to the first joint), LISTEN. It means you’re not getting what you need/deserve. I was angry about everything in that place, even down to the hours and lack of wifi. And I chose to listen, speak up, and request a change. THIS IS WHAT I MEAN WHEN I SAY LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Ok? This is what I’m talking about. Your body knows what it needs. If you’re mad even about the parking, there’s probably a reason, and it’s probably not the parking. (It’s also what I mean when I say western medicine isn’t the problem, the way it’s practiced is – cuz technically this guy is still practicing western medicine, he’s just practicing it better.)

So I’m gonna look at this as an important lesson from the universe in trusting my body and asking to have my needs met.

The end.