Ai is a red herring. We’re walking around in the most sophisticated technology ever known (aka our bodies) and filling them with Cheetos. I’m so mad. Legit. We’re directing all the energy externally when it needs to go internal. Reliance on tech is a distraction. I’m not saying technology is bad – it’s cool, it lets us do stuff – I’m saying our priorities are backwards and we’ve lost sight of the bigger picture, which is our own growth and empowerment. For example: do you realize how much we ignore placebo effect? Our bodies are literally capable of healing diseases with our thoughts! How amazing is that?? But there’s no profit to be made in it so it gets no attention.¬†

I read this story¬†about the culture of aspiring programmers in SF living in cramped illegal housing quarters programming 15 hours a day and I thought, jesus, the Matrix is real. Our organic bodies as batteries utilized to create more tech, tech which we use in place of understanding the capacities of our brains and bodies. If we better understood quantum entanglement, would we even need cell phones to communicate or cars to travel? I don’t know. But I know which makes more money.

Again, I’m not saying tech is bad, I’m not saying western medicine is bad. I’m saying both are treatments for symptoms that our bodies already know how to heal holistically, or would know, if we treated them well and truly focused our energies on expanding our consciousness and cognitive powers.

I just don’t think the current timeline we’re headed down, the one where we’re completely reliant on technology for our survival, is in our own best interests.

EDITED TO ADD: Ok guys if we’re being honest the actual truth is that I’m starting to know/predict things I can’t explain and it’s scary and I’m just really resentful that there is no science on this cuz seriously wtf.