Things I learned today:

People who don’t understand the path don’t understand the path, regardless of how “spiritual” they are.

People who understand the path understand the path, regardless of how “spiritual” they are.

Today I was met with nastiness online from a supposed member of the spiritual community for attempting to engage in respectful dialogue about a specific controversial spiritual topic.

And today I was also met with enthusiasm and positivity by someone whom I did not meet through the spiritual community whatsoever for attempting to engage in respectful dialogue about a specific controversial spiritual topic.

Here’s the thing about spiritual knowledge: It does not, in and of itself, make you a better person. You have to apply it, and that’s a long process.

Here’s the other thing about spiritual knowledge: If something is not your path, it won’t resonate with you, and unless you approach it with an extremely open mind, you are likely to dismiss it. This does not make you right about it. This just means it’s an aspect that’s not relevant to your journey, and so of course you don’t understand it, because your resources are being saved for what you’re meant for. However, it’s wise not to make an ass of yourself claiming that something is a disinformation psyop implanted in the matrix of our experience by reptilians or what have you just because your own path doesn’t call for it. Because you just look ignorant to the rest of us whose path does call for it. Like, we wouldn’t be here if it didn’t – trust us.

And if it IS on your path, spirit will make sure you receive the lessons you need regardless of your quantifiable knowledge. Sure, research is a great idea, and you may be called to seek mentors or programs that will teach you about the phenomenon your soul apparently signed up for. But don’t think your lack of spiritual knowledge or community ever stops or invalidates you. God doesn’t call the qualified; God qualifies the called.

So everyone maybe needs to have a seat for a bit when speaking on things they don’t fully understand. Ask more questions and engage in less didacticism. God hasn’t given anyone the complete set of answers. It’s ok to wonder, to research, to appreciate, and even to decide you don’t resonate. But whatever you do, do realize that the universe is not waiting for your permission to work its miracles on those who are destined for them, and you might find yourself eating your words when people you had no idea even had any inkling of your knowledge receive their blessings.

Stay humble yall.