Current energy update:

Word on the street says we’re entering another ascension portal.

Lately we’re shown the importance of our focus. The upcoming full moon on Tuesday 5/29 is in Sagittarius, the sign of the archer, so laserbeam focus is shown as the key to our next steps toward success.

We’ve spent the past several months rewiring our wording, choosing our intentions wisely, and getting into the correct vibration for manifesting our desires. This has meant laying aside some of our comfortable coping mechanisms like sarcasm, defeatism, snark, and self-sabotage. We have been gearing up all along to stand in our truth.

Some people won’t make the leap – the chasm is too wide, the sacrifice is too painful. This isn’t so much a judgment as it is a reality of physics: when the speed picks up, some will have the adaptability to adjust to the new pace and some won’t, some will choose to hang onto their belongings as they run and the weight of them will cause them to lag fatally behind, some will turn around and be cast into pillars of salt. Some will make like the nazi blonde woman reaching for the holy grail instead of grabbing Indiana Jones’s hand to climb out of the ravine, falling to her death because she couldn’t release her attachment to an old desire. It’s ok, there can be forgiveness and transformation later; we live in a universe of infinite possibility and Grace is always available to us.

But for those whose greatest priority is doing the work, there is a call for more shedding. The groundwork we’ve laid now has to be enough.

For me personally, I am done repeating myself. I am done having the same arguments with people in my communities who are clinging to outdated comfortable beliefs of casual systemic oppression instead of holding space for equality and raising the voices of the disenfranchised so that we may dismantle the current structures of injustice. I am done having to explain why reverse racism doesn’t exist, why rape culture is not the fault of hip hop, why Jordan Peterson is wrong, why Hugh Hefner is not deserving of celebration, why tone-policing enables continued injustice, why sex is not a commodity up for redistribution, why even giving these stupid ideas a platform for debate is upholding white supremacist heteropatriarchy and why you, yes you oh spiritual guru, are holding back the evolution of the planet.

If you’re not caught up, catch up. I’ve been talking about these shifts since the August 2017 portal. If you haven’t been following along, it’s possible my work is no longer for you.

It’s possible my friendship is no longer for you. I don’t have time to educate people on how to treat me well. If you need to be released from my life because you still need a primer on basic decency, that’s ok – there are plenty of places to learn this. I just can’t be the one to help you with it anymore.

I am shedding my attachment to all these things so that I can hone my focus onto the work I am doing that makes a difference for those who get it the moment it hits them. I am, like many others, committed to building the New Earth Paradigm, and that means not sitting around arguing about why the old paradigm is wrong, because that behavior keeps me from doing my share of the building.

So, for the full moon on Tuesday – focus.

• What is your primary purpose in this lifetime?
• What skill sets are you equipped with?
• What areas of focus best serve your growth right now?
• In what communities can you make the biggest difference?
• Where are you getting distracted?
• Where are the lines between doing the work, preaching to the choir, and talking to a wall?
• Where is the line between rest and distraction, between self-care and indulgence?
• Where is the optimal place for your focus right now?
• What does it look like when you stand in your power and create from your center, rather than allowing yourself to be pulled into other people’s frameworks?
• What does the you on the other side of this look like, what kinds of quality people, work, art, and recreation will you be attracting?

Cut the dead wood, my darlings. Welcome to the new.