I’ve seen a few of these posts from my colleagues in coaching and I always appreciate the clarity of seeing their offer structures clearly outlined, so I’m doing one today for my own work.

If you’ve been curious about what the options are for working with me on your personal and spiritual self-mastery, here’s just about everything you need to know!


This is the core curriculum of my work and is the recommended gateway to my coaching. It’s a dense & intense course, but you’ll get the full picture download of the full mechanics of the work (no small feat!), and for many folks this is all they need to make enormous life changes.

• GROUP COURSE – 8 weeks – $1000-3000 (alumni may return for $500)
• PRIVATE 1-1 COURSE – 4 months – $8000-8800
• SELF-STUDY – self-paced – $700
• PRIVATE POD COURSE for your startup team, chosen family, polycule etc of up to 10 people – 8 weeks – $8000


This course is the fun, creative, right-brained sister of TRPP. We use the same basic principles to create transformation, but instead of examining and repatterning beliefs, imprints, habits, and conditioning, we use narrative magick to change the stories we identify with and the characters we allow ourselves to embody.

• GROUP COURSE – 4 weeks – $700
• PRIVATE 1-1 COURSE – 2 months – $4000-4400
• SELF-STUDY – coming soon!


I am available for personal guidance integrating and applying the course material as well as facilitating the course-adjacent deep dives into timeline analysis (where we map out a bird’s eye view of learned patterns) and repatterning via Timeline Therapy and NLP.

At this time my individual session packages are available to TRPP graduates only. It saves both of us time and effort if the client already understands the core process!

Myths & Magick graduates may inquire about booking individual coaching sessions for aligned intentions such as magick practice or creative advisement, but for deep personal transformation TRPP will be recommended as a baseline.

• INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS – TRPP graduates may purchase individual sessions ($250/75min) or session packages ($1000/5 sessions) to be used at leisure up until a year from purchase date
• PRIVATE 1-1 COURSE – Those wanting a private coaching experience from the beginning may purchase the private 4-month TRPP container (or 2-month M&M container)
• If you’re reeeaaalllly certain I can solve your problem in a single session you can purchase the Afternoon Coffee Deep Dive ($1200)

That’s it! This is the official announcement for what my business looks like going forward – it’s been this way for a while and you can find all this information on my website, but here it is all written out, which feels nice to post.

Oh and here’s a Facebook group where you can come hang out with us and jam community-style on this work for absolutely free: The Re-Patterning Parlor.

I’m looking forward to meeting all those I’m aligned to work with in 2022!

(And if you’re feeling called or curious, there’s a TRPP starting this month on January 30th so be sure to hit me up and we can chat about it.)