I’ve spent the last three years intending for change in my life and destroying anything within me that was blocking me from that progress happening. Recently, without wanting to jinx myself, I’ve started to feel like the excavation is complete. I’m starting to feel like there’s nothing left to dig up.

I feel amazing. Sure, I have work ahead of me, building out my business and my creative pursuits into a self-sustaining symbiotic system that will form the basis of my life. Sure, I still have to actually build the relationship of my dreams when I call that partner into my life, even if I’ve completed all the inner work necessary to bring it into alignment.

But it really feels like all of that building has gained the necessary momentum to where I know all the next steps and I just have to… do them. I don’t feel any internal resistance anymore. There are no more obstacles to break through. I really think the last of it got exorcised with my intentions at the last eclipse two weeks ago. I’ve been feeling, energetically speaking, this feeling of clean, of empty, of excavated. Like the moment your dentist tells you he has gotten rid of all the decay in the cavity and now it’s just time to plug it up with epoxy.

Again, I’m open to being wrong, but that’s certainly the way my energy has been feeling for the past two weeks.

I’m becoming a morning person. I’m waking up happy and excited to start the day. I lightly reincorporated cannabis again but now it feels more like a choice than a coping mechanism (or, more accurate than “coping mechanism,” a formerly necessary tool of spiritual growth and consciousness expansion).

Yesterday I went to an event where I got a tarot reading from The Hoodwitch, and the cards she pulled for me, in past-present-future order, were Death (reversed), 10 of Pentacles, and 4 of Wands.

Death (reversed), past – any resistance you may have had to the surrender to your transformation is in the past.

10 of Pentacles, present – you have reached a point of accomplishment in your journey, the result of a successful career path, smart investments, a stable home environment. It’s a card that promises a sustainable future.

4 of Wands, future – you have achieved stability through all your hard work and now it’s time to celebrate and enjoy your life with your loved ones. It’s a card of completion.

So I don’t think it’s just all in my head. I think I’m really at the place where the momentum I’ve already achieved is going to carry me forward into building what I’ve already succeeded in intending.

Today’s a powerful eclipse. I’ll probably do a ritual of some sort. But I don’t know what I’m intending other than just maybe some help doing what I’m already doing.

Instead of working on my own change, today I got to lead the new The Re-Patterning Project participants in their first seminar of the course. Epiphanies were had. Minds were blown. Pings and downloads came flowing through, so the feedback has been so far. Boom. This is the fast-track, this is everything I learned how to do these last three years condensed into 8 weeks. I’m an Aquarius, we like to time travel like that.

I get to nestle in and show the way to others now. I’m so happy I’m crying as I write this. Yeah sure there’s still some cogs I have to put in place, but the universe and I trust in each other now, and I know it will all get done. I have trust in my future, because I see how everything I create is a direct result of the work I’ve already done.

It’s a beautiful place to be.

This peaceful, futuristic, streamlined little track personifies the energy I feel moving forward. Everything is perfectly smooth and systematic, everything operates at the touch of a button, doors open as soon as I approach them. I’ll put the link to the song in comments so Facebook doesn’t fuck up the algorithm and not show it to people.

I’m here. I’m just finishing up the last little details, but I’m here.