I talk a lot about how The Re-Patterning Project gives its participants a comprehensive view of their human operating systems, allowing them to identify unconscious patterns and trace them back to their earliest origins, where they can choose a different option and release the unwitting grip their past has had on them.

But what I don’t talk about as much is how much TRPP also gifts us with an understanding of the patterns in others.

It might not – should not – be the focus of the first run, where you’ll be preoccupied with the study of your own self first (and you will learn that you are fucking FASCINATING, btw), but over time as you settle into your new implementation of sustainable patterns and easeful mindsets, you’ll gain more bandwidth to naturally pay attention to what makes others tick, too.

All of a sudden everyone else’s behavior is no longer a reflection on us. Our feelings get hurt less often, or less deeply. Even if something disappoints us, we understand better.

When people show up in our lives, we recognize where they mirror us. We recognize how we train them to treat us via our ideas of what’s possible. At the best of times, we see ourselves in them.

When people fall out of our lives, we recognize what we’re triggering in them. We’re able to discern who’s lashing out at us inappropriately and who’s just having a reaction to us that’s uncomfortable for them.

When people are mean to us, we’ll imagine them as little kids, hurting about whatever they’re hurting about for the first time.

We’ll see an overachiever and remember that out of everyone they probably appreciate themselves least.

We’ll somehow know exactly the right thing to say to someone when they need it most. We’ll change people’s lives with a singular idea.

We’ll have just a little bit of x-ray vision. Some of us, for better or worse, will have a lot of it.

It’s not the main benefit of the work, exactly, since the whole point of creative freedom is self-sovereignty, which functions through a firm holding of healthy boundaries, and sometimes means choosing NOT to use our bandwidth to see people so deeply.

But it’s pretty cool.