It is ok to let go of my resistance at my own pace.

It is ok to titrate into abundance.

It is ok to titrate into abundance even if – especially if – I am calling in universally celebrated abundance such as money, love, or happiness, things that we are supposed to want in limitless quantities.

I protect my vessel. I honor the capacity of my body at all times.

It’s ok for me not to push through my comfort zones as long as my compass is pointed in the right direction, as long as I am continually pushing the edges of where my comfort zone is.

Temperance is an underrated quality. Patience is a virtue. I choose not to risk short-circuiting my system by attempting to anchor in too much at once. I am holding hands with my body through this journey. My body needs to be able to feel everything that arrives, or else there’s no point in having it at all.