This eclipse season, remember:

There are 8 billion people on the planet.

There will be friends who don’t immediately go on the defensive when they hurt you or make you feel lesser because they don’t understand you.

There will be lovers who show up wanting to spend time with you without making you feel like an inconvenience or blaming you for their own feelings of lack.

There will be career opportunities for work that doesn’t drain you, that doesn’t feel like the same grind you’re used to.

In order to allow flow, you must create space.

And in that space you must make room for that which you want and boundary off that which doesn’t qualify – so that that space doesn’t get filled up with more of the same things you just discarded.

We are learning just how infinite our possibilities truly are. We are seeing how much our old attachments aren’t as necessary as we once thought they were, how their preciousness can be matched in things that don’t carry their same pain and heaviness.

The world’s about to get a little bigger, and we’re all about to get a little freer.

Let go, let go, let go. There is more of what you want just out there beyond that which you’re willing to release.