Every so often in magick or spirituality communities I’ll hear a person say something about “most people they encounter being NPCs” (non-playable characters).

I assume that for them, saying this confers them a sense of superiority over others, whom they presume are stuck in their patterning to the point of not even having awareness of alternate options for their behavior and simply following the scripts they’ve already internalized.

For me, a statement like this only tells me three things about the person saying it:

1. That they have not yet either had enough life experience or done enough psychedelics to cross into the gateway where they have an embodied understanding of other people’s interiority,

2. That on a planet of roughly 8 billion people they’re unable to source sufficient aligned connections with people who share their interests, values, and skill sets,

3. That they are unable to make their own magick and teachings accessible to the average person, meaning they actually don’t even understand them all that well themselves yet.

I honestly can’t think of a more boring and “NPC”-like set of characteristics than that.