My new business cards.

I realized I should probably unpack what these self-appointed titles mean to me, as they were chosen very deliberately.

Emotional artisan:

Perhaps you’ve heard of the concept of emotional labor, defined as “the effort that goes into noticing that people are not feeling well; asking questions and listening to the answers; anticipating needs; reminding them that they are loved and cared for; providing company; apologizing; remembering birthdays and conceiving of gift ideas; complimenting them and boosting their self-esteem; allowing them to vent and listening patiently; checking in on how they’re feeling regularly; visiting them when they are sick or lonely; and detecting changes in their mood.” Yes, well – I am an emotional artisan. The word “labor” does not do justice to the level of skill, mastery, and attention to detail I achieve in all of the aforementioned categories.

Intuitive strategist:

In the work that I do in creating my reality (and in helping others create theirs), I marry my two brain hemispheres – my calculating, puzzle-solving left brain with my intuiting, gut-feeling right. In addressing any issue that arises in one’s path, it becomes necessary to use the intuitive half to discern the truth of the situation (the What), and the strategic half to determine the optimal way forward (the How). By traveling back and forth between both polarities the conditions are created for alchemy – we dive in for reconnaissance, and then we arise for forward action. This is how timeline hacking and quantum growth are achieved. This is how I help others (and myself) reach their goals, and further the ascension wave sweeping the collective.

Hypersigil specialist:

The hypersigil, a term coined by Grant Morrison, is a sigil extended through the fourth dimension of time, a means of manipulating quantum reality through a work of art such as a short story, song, comic, novel, poem, or even painting or dance, so that one’s intention unfolds along the lines of the narrative. I’m a magickal practitioner, but I’m also an author, a frontwoman/songwriter, a model, an art director, a creator, with an awareness of my ability to shape reality through the works I create. And I teach this skill too. So in summary: hypersigil specialist.