So this belief that people who need trigger warnings should get over it because they’re “too sensitive.”

I have news for you. About sensitivity.

Densensitization is a common reaction to trauma. Put the body in unsustainably painful conditions long enough and its sensors will shut off. This numbness, a form of dissociation or depersonalization, prevents us from being able to feel what’s going on in our bodies and in our surroundings. So we become tough; we become capable of weathering anything.

But do you know what we lose in exchange?

We lose discernment. Discernment is the ability to tell what feels good from what doesn’t. Discernment is the root of wisdom. Discernment is what gives us the ability to make good choices – because we can tell one thing from another. A numb body can’t tell what’s hitting it. In losing its sensitivity it loses its ability to tell what the fuck is going on.

So if you’re saying “toughen up,” “you’re too sensitive,” “there is shame in sensitivity,” “you are wrong for feeling things too deeply”…

…you’re basically saying “you’re cultivating too much wisdom, you should be dumb like me.”

Just saying.

Look I will grant you that the world won’t stop its triggers, and sensitive people WILL have their own traumas and hardships to alchemize. And even the most sensitive among us are invited to practice their discernment by NOT taking on the energies they don’t want, claiming their sovereignty. So I don’t entirely disagree with your objections, because self-care, shielding, and grounding are all important practices in a harsh world that doesn’t care whether it triggers us.

But this idea that the problem is “sensitivity”…. lol just… you guys just really show your asses when you say that.

And while yes we are here to alchemize our trauma templates, we don’t really need any MORE of them, so maybe chill on what you put out there.