Sometimes people are so caught up in their own pain that they’re unable to realize the goodness that is waiting for them just on the other side of it. After all, if we knew what was possible, we might have more hope.
Feeling good is enough of a worthwhile aim in itself, but when we’re stuck in our pain it can be hard to even imagine feeling good let alone believe in it as a possibility.
But gaining mastery over our belief systems brings even more than happiness – it opens up our creative power.
I’ll give you two examples from my own life:
The first is my music. Most people don’t know that I released two EPs before this last one – but they never really went anywhere, because I wasn’t fully present enough to create something I believed was remarkable, because I was still trying to create according to other people’s standards rather than letting my truth flow through me. Once I released everything that was clouding my expression, I was able to tap into my creatorship and make something that indie music journalism took notice of, and through being willing to invest in myself I finally became the musical artist I’d always wanted to date.
The second example is my business. I launched a coaching site in 2012, but I wasn’t very happy with the design and I wasn’t committed to actually running a business, because deep down I didn’t believe I could actually make money at it. I felt awkward about what to charge for my services because I didn’t feel my value. When I finally recognized myself for my vast wealth of information and for the results I was capable of getting my clients, I committed to building a business and website I could be proud of, and almost immediately two people signed up for the most expensive coaching package on my site. All it took was believing in myself – and the actions that came about as a result of that change.
Healing our limiting beliefs isn’t just about feeling good – although that’s certainly a big part of it. It’s about removing the fear that keeps us from seeing all the possibilities available to us.
I’ll say that again: Healing our limiting beliefs is about removing the fear that keeps us from seeing all the possibilities available to us.
Who will you be when you release your creative power? What brilliance will you unleash on the world?
Join me in The Re-Patterning Project and let’s find out.