Hey fam it’s me, your resident non-binary twin flame.

While it’s still #pridemonth I’d like to make a personal statement about gender, orientation, polarity, and the twin flame path, and how they apply to my experience of myself.

Many of you know that the twin flame path was instrumental to my personal growth and foundational in my creation of The Re-Patterning Project, and so it’s an important part of my identity and deeply relevant to my work. And since there are so many misconceptions about it, it’s important to me to reconcile the twin flame path with my queerness.

I’ve often described myself half-jokingly as “pretty queer for a straight person and pretty straight for a queer person.” Like many Aquarians I have found myself to be quixotic in nature, able to blend easily in many circles (a privilege, no doubt) but never quite feeling at home, and this has been true of my gender and sexual orientation as well.

I accepted womanhood as it was assigned to me and I enjoy many of its benefits (and rage at its many detriments), but I don’t feel especially attached to it. I don’t feel I would feel dysphoric had I been born in a male body, although I certainly would express myself in an androgynous manner, and just as I do now, I’d wear makeup and be in a band.

This gender apathy is what caused me to investigate and eventually claim a non-binary identity.

And yet I’m also a twin flame. Because while I’ve enjoyed adventures and explorations with folks of all kinds, the dynamic I am most compelled toward in relationship is polarity – a person who’s a mirror image of me. That means I’m most attracted to fem-leaning masc types, whether they’re cis men with feminine or androgynous energy or masc-leaning non-binary folks.

The idea of polarity in relationship is often incorrectly interpreted as heteronormative.

But true polarity just means a mirror image of whatever is being reflected, and that means that one can be as far or as near to the zero point of the masculine-feminine spectrum and still attract a mirror.

This is how I can be queer and still be a twin flame – an idea that, while I hope none of my own followers would doubt, I have seen many other teachers attempt to refute.

I am a non-binary twin flame. We exist.

I’m pretty queer for a straight person and pretty straight for a queer person… if you’re looking at me on an x-y axis, anyway.

And all of that is legitimate, because the universe doesn’t do binaries, and because, well, I’ve literally just located it on the map for you.

And since it’s #pridemonth, it stands to say that’s something I’m proud of.

Photo by Jessie Rand