Got someone you love?


Over the past two years while I’ve been hustling the creation of albums and courses and increasing my magickal bandwidth, I’ve had a sub-optimal amount of real life contact with my friends and loved ones. I’ve been undernourished in intentional days off, lunch dates, time in nature, and non-work-related play. I’ve been aware that I’ve been working toward sustainability and that this time would require extra energy that would cut out a lot of non-necessities, but increasingly, it’s time to step into more ease and grace and start behaving like the adult I am, with more IRL time with my friends and less showing affection by texting memes.

I have a few dope close friends who visit me at times but I also have a lot of satellite folk circling my life who mean a lot to me whom I don’t get to interact with outside social media anymore.

Man, that sucks to write, doesn’t it? Sometimes it feels like following someone on multiple platforms keeps you updated on their lives enough that it distracts you from realizing you haven’t actually seen them or had a non-typed conversation with them in months or even years.

It’s 2019. The whole world is in unrest. We’re fending off an apocalypse. We’re living in the actual rapture. It’s really hard to make plans. Everyone’s got millennial burnout.

But I’ve started putting time on the calendar.

I don’t care if it’s months from now. In fact, that’s even better, because it gives me something to look forward to. And then I can treat it like a formal occasion – I can dress up for brunch, or for a date, or for Disneyland, or even for a BYOB Skype call, and actually appreciate it as the special thing it is.

And then even if I only see that person a couple times a year, the quality of our friendship deepens because we know we made time for one another and gave each other our undivided, focused attention.

Even if it’s tough to do on the regular during an ascension.

Schedule your loved ones in weeks or months in advance. Clear time you don’t reschedule or compromise on.

And then watch how much easier your flow state gets.