Removing your excuses is an ongoing process.

Reclaiming your energy is not something you do in one sitting. The more cords to extraneous influences you cut (read: the more you stop wasting time worrying about things that don’t matter or stop putting effort into things that aren’t serving you out of old unconscious programming), the more space you create. The more space you create, the more bandwidth you have to create what you want.

But you can’t do this all at once the same way that you can’t move your whole house in one go. You carry whatever boxes you can hold at a time and you make multiple trips. You call friends or hire movers (facilitators) to help you.

You can no more move your house in one trip than you can skip from age 8 to age 12. You can speed up the process based on your choices – which is where we digress from the comparison to linear time – but you can’t skip ahead if you want it to be real. Each piece needs to be integrated. You can’t move faster than the speed of your alignment. That’s how you burn out.

Your bandwidth is a capacity that will increase exponentially. When you do the things that make more space, you make more space to make more space, and so on and so on. When you do the things that create more ease, you create more ease to create more ease. And so on and so on.

It gets easier and bigger and clearer.

But the work doesn’t stop, until you want it to of course.

Removing your excuses is an ongoing process. You’ll just be dealing with better and better ones each time.