I’m seeing a lot going around the coaching world lately about how mind-based work isn’t enough to shift the imprints left by trauma.

Anyone who is telling you this is deeply uninformed. This line of thinking completely bypasses entire modalities such as belief hacking, hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy™, mindfulness, and meditation, among many others. I’ve even heard a coach say that “no thinking is necessary” – really? No thinking is necessary for conscious awareness?

I’m a huge fan of bodywork and energy work and I have absolutely utilized them in my process. But the journey starts in the mind – with intention, imagination, and a comprehensive understanding of how our patterns and beliefs form. When we understand the mechanics of our human operating system, we can use our mind to reprogram it with the beliefs, mindsets, and conscious awareness that will allow us to change our everyday patterns and backwards engineer the results we want in our lives. This includes undoing the imprints, fears, limitations, and coping mechanisms that trauma installs in us. Once we bring conscious awareness to the ways we’re responding to our unprocessed trauma, we can also bring self-compassion, release our repressed grief, and make a conscious choice to respond to our circumstances in a more empowered way.

Don’t believe the hype. The mind can serve as the access point to the body.