Happy Solstice everyone 🌞
According to multiple sources (and confirmed by my own intuition), this is the last big wave of ascension. This is the time when the train leaves the station. It’s not that we can’t make quantum leaps after this point, but this is a big gateway in which we may receive universal support.
I first had a vision of the ascension in late summer 2016. It presented itself to me as a vision of people on the patio at Cloak & Dagger, my favorite party – some were slowly levitating and others were still earthbound, caught up in their business, unaware of the others with their feet roughly six inches off the ground. A select few of us had wings. I made my first vlog after that because I knew something important was happening. I stated in it that I felt like I was being lifted up by the universe and scrubbed down with scalding hot water.
Summer 2017 was the halfway point for me. I had a vision of my ship coming in to shore, a vision that was confirmed by Shoshanna Ruth when she channeled a message for me with the same exact image. I had crossed a difficult hurdle in communication and it opened a path forward.
When my album came out in February 2018 I got to have so much of my trauma, pain, and healing witnessed by the world. I honestly didn’t intend at first to make an album about trauma but it’s just what I was writing about during those two years. It was only when I got stoned and played all the songs through in order and looked at the cover art I’d shot two years earlier that I realized I’d accidentally made #MeToo the album, and in putting all of that information into the press release I basically made the bros of the indie music journalism scene deal with my pain (and therefore the pain of the entire movement) through my music. When my video came out and I realized I was getting sick of my art being associated with sexual assault, I realized I was probably done with my healing and ready to move on.
There’s so much more that happened that I want to be able to talk about at some point but it’s not time yet. And just because I’m done healing doesn’t mean I’m fully adjusted to my post-traumatic life yet – I’m still making up for lost time in many ways, learning to do all the things I’d once locked myself out of in my limited mindset, everything from receiving touch to managing money.
As I said at the beginning of this post, the window of this ascension is closing by the end of the year. The timelines will decompress and the energy won’t be exactly the same, although I don’t know yet what it will look like, and I don’t know how post-ascension growth will express itself. All I know is that I have heard this message from at least three different completely unrelated sources, and my own path seems to reflect the same thing.
So. I beg of you. DO THIS WORK NOW.
Just do it. Do it now. Do it because it’s still currently supported, do it because it’s more important than your excuses, do it because healing the self is literally the only way we can begin to make the world a better place.
I get so frustrated when I hear people putting this work off. They sit and stew in their helplessness over how much they can’t do in the world, how they can’t stop Trump, how they can’t reunite families at the border, how they can’t stop the myriad atrocities happening in our world right now, but they won’t change the one goddamn thing they CAN change, which is how they relate to the world. If everyone did this, we wouldn’t be in this mess.
Healing myself didn’t stop Trump but you know what it did do? It empowered me to help others around me. It empowered me to change a few lives for the better along the way.
Sometimes I feel like me and a few other people are sitting in a baseball stadium trying to start a wave and everyone around us is refusing to stand up and raise their hands because their own participation won’t get the entire stadium to do it too. Guys. Come on. How do you think the wave happens.
You want a better world? STOP FIXATING ON WHAT YOU CANNOT DO AND START DOING WHAT YOU CAN. It starts with you.
“With peace comes bandwidth,” says my friend David Jonathan Hrostoski. When you get yourself out of the shock and stupor of your own pain, you start seeing what you’re actually capable of.
In 2015 I was a sexually submissive pickup artist who built an entire career and sexual orientation around enabling her own codependency. I acted like an addict and funneled all my power into people who were mistreating and abusing me while ignoring anyone who might have tried to show up for me.
If I can change anyone can.
If you want my help, sign up for The Re-Patterning Project now while it’s still beta-run dirt cheap (seriously, THREE of my colleagues have told me I’m underselling my product by five times what I should be charging, I know that sounds like a shitty sales tactic but it’s true) and while the ascension support is still on our side. I’ll put the link in comments as usual. Or find a teacher that works for you, I’m biased because I know I personally know this path, but other great teachers exist too.
Just please stop acting like you can’t do anything, because you can. You can’t solve everything and you can’t do it alone but once you’re on the other side of it you’ll be able to see what you CAN do.
With peace comes bandwidth. Create both of those things in yourself and you can start changing the world for the better.