The thing about resensitizing your body and learning discernment is that nothing is ever personal anymore.

I say no to going out with you? Sorry, not my decision, my body says no.

I’m not a yes to your idea? Again, nothing personal, just listening to my body.

You want me to do something I’m not in alignment with? Sorry, it’s not in alignment. I can’t help that.

If I’m supposed to do something important, I’ll know. I know now whether I’m an immediate, full-bodied yes to something. I know when I’m a yes to something but it’s not time yet. I know when I’m a yes to putting something on the When I Have Leisure Time For It list. I know when I’m a yes to something but still working through resistance to it. I know when I’m a yes to something I’m still expanding to be able to receive. And most of all, I know when I’m a yes to immediately bumping something to the top of the priority list because I’m such a yes to it that I want it to happen more than anything else that’s presenting itself in that moment.

So, it’s not really up to me to decide. All I’m doing is decoding my emotions.

This makes it really easy to set boundaries. Once you install the belief that the most generous thing you can do for people is to be honest with them about what your body is telling you, and that those worth having as friends will align with you in that belief, then it simply becomes the easiest thing to do. It’s not personal. It’s just what your body is telling you.

Some occultists call this alignment the calling in of the Holy Guardian Angel, or the Higher Self. David Hrostoski expands on it in describing the calling in of the Oversoul, not only one’s Higher Self but access to a large interwoven network of higher intelligence, like a soul library. Calling in the Higher Self and anchoring it into the body means having a growing awareness of your soul purpose and an intuitive knowledge of your next steps. It means trusting your own judgment, even if that simply means knowing where to turn for help or guidance when you feel lost. It means the narrative keeps unfolding in a way that strangely makes sense. It means understanding why everything in your past happened as it did and how that’s prepared you for your future. It means finally getting that waxing Mr. Miyagi’s car was actually learning karate the whole time. It means all of a sudden knowing kung-fu.

And it means knowing how to translate the feelings in your body into boundaries and action steps. It means knowing where we’re a yes and where we’re a no.

And so it’s never personal.