You’ve heard that your thoughts create your reality, and that you attract the things you focus on most. 

And yet you’re still feeling stuck reliving the same patterns over and over again, wondering what has to change.

The problem is that you can’t see what you can’t see.

I know, because I’ve been there. I was working hard to achieve in every area of my life, and yet I was miserable. I was young, smart, and capable making a life for myself in New York City, but my friendships were rife with drama and always falling apart. I was working as a model and attractive by most standards, but my relationships were leaving me feeling used and drained. I was supporting myself financially, and yet I was constantly losing money to thefts and crises. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety that medication sometimes altered but never quite solved, and I was going to therapists who just let me talk around and around my issues with no practical resolution. I didn’t know what to do – if I was so awesome, then why was I experiencing such hardship and mistreatment? Why was everything always such a struggle?

If someone had told me back then that I was creating my own reality, I probably would have slapped them. There was no way that I had created the hell I was living in, because I would never choose such a thing. I was convinced instead that the world was an awful place and that nobody in it could be trusted.

And who could blame me? As far as I knew, that was the truth, based on a lifetime’s worth of empirical evidence.

The trouble with that mindset is that it’s like thinking that the entire planet is comprised of the town you grew up in, because it’s all you know, because you’ve never left it. One day, however, you can decide to scale the mountain at the edge of your town, and when you reach the top, you can look down and see that there are all kinds of different places outside the tiny little world you knew.

As we grow up, and even through our adult lives, we acquire programming that affects how we make our decisions. Your mind (and body) functions like a computer, forming its own operating system and acquiring many applications along the way. Some of these applications are outdated and have been running in the background eating up your bandwidth since you were a child, but unless you bring conscious awareness to them and replace them with new ones that better serve you, they’ll keep on doing exactly what they did when you installed them.

I’ll give you an example. When I was 22 I was hired to work at an away program for the summer. The cafeteria had Count Chocula among its cereal options, and I recall looking at it and passing it over, because when I was six years old my mom had told me in the grocery aisle that it was unhealthy. I was 22 and unconsciously I was still letting my mom decide what I ate for breakfast. It took me halfway through the program before I realized I was an adult and could eat whatever I wanted!

If I had allowed an unconscious belief from when I was six to decide for me what cereal I was allowed to eat, what do you think I let my unconscious beliefs decide about my friendships, relationships, income, and well-being?

A little over two years ago I set an intention to heal from my past. I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I knew I was willing to change or destroy anything and everything within me that was keeping me out of happiness. 

Today I can tell you – I hacked it. There is a way out. 

And there is a way in to the life you’ve always dreamed of creating. I’m creating mine right now.

I launched The Re-Patterning Project because throughout the course of making my healing transparent to my friends and followers, I found a lot of people who could relate to all the things I was struggling with. If being in my trauma made me feel I was alone in the world, confronting my trauma made me realize that there were hundreds and thousands of people like me who were similarly frustrated with all the accumulated pain continually weighing on their attempts to merely survive in a world that seemed to be treating them cruelly no matter what they did.

I want everyone to know that healing and happiness are possible, and they are right within your grasp. I’m here to help guide you through that process so that you can make the unconscious conscious, so that you can see the things you can’t see, so that you can decide what to keep and what to change. So that you can be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

It’s time to stop living for everyone else’s expectations, even when they’re disguised as your own. It’s time to start creating your reality.

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions…

– Why do I keep getting hurt despite how well I treat people?
– Why is it that I never seem to have enough money or stability?
– Why are my relationships all ending up in the same toxic pattern?
– Why do I never take that vacation I keep promising myself?
– Why am I still at the same dead-end job I don’t even like?
– Why do I never seem to get satisfaction out of my sexual encounters?
– Why am I working hard and yet making so little progress?
– Why am I having trouble prioritizing committing to my dreams?
– Why don’t my loved ones appreciate me more?
– Why am I doing all the “right” things and yet still so unhappy?
– When is the world finally going to recognize how amazing I am and hand me the life I deserve?

…then this course is for you.

In it, we’ll cover:

– Uncovering the unconscious programming affecting your decisions 
– Hacking your beliefs for optimal real-life results
– Using the art of intention setting to create change
– Changing your core narrative so you can live in a different story
– Managing your bandwidth for maximum efficiency
– Learning and practicing discernment, the art of knowing what’s good for you
– Discovering and harnessing the flow state
– Being in alignment with timing
– Creating an energetic environment you can thrive in
– Curating a life of experiences that nurture and fulfill you

We start Jan 20 and go for 8 weeks. The course consists of 8 weekly webinars, 8 weekly group calls, a few bonus interviews with facilitators in other modalities, and recommended links to additional reading – all within a private Facebook group for shared 24/7 community support. VIP options available for additional private sessions.

Here’s some of what the last round’s participants had to say:

“You’ve been instrumental in changing my whole worldview, not just showing me the light, but lived as an example and led me on the path to healing, peace, and happiness. I hope it doesn’t sound over the top, but I really can’t emphasize enough the changes I’ve made and how they have improved my life immeasurably. My husband of five years said he’s never seen me so happy and positive, said he notices changes for the better every day.” – SK Arellano

“I’m the kind of person who has trained in many healing modalities, got lots of certifications, has done a lot of therapeutic work, both for myself and my issues, but for others, as a practitioner. Coming out of active treatment for breast cancer, I carried a fresh steaming pile of PTSD to add to my already fathoms-deep well of personal and physical trauma. I was stuck in samsara, and despite having a whole box of tools, I felt unmotivated to use them to pull myself out of the muck. Arden has pulled together readings, research, exercises and practices that are accessible for everyone, and brings a new and powerful awareness to our personal traumas, tracing them back to their inception and tracking them through our current behaviors, then guiding us through the visualization and “re-patterning” of our belief systems and desired behaviors. She’s intelligently sequenced the presentation of trauma psychology, gratitude practice, Timeline analysis and therapy, and especially NLP, among other things, to great impact. As a facilitator, Arden is open, insightful, responsive and powerfully well-spoken. She sets a clean container, and holds space well – not an easy thing to do in a virtual setting. 10/10 would recommend (and I already have!) to those who want to learn to discern the difference between trauma, depression and anxiety – and learn tools for self-care and re-patterning trauma.” – Carmen Leilani

“I emphatically thank Arden Leigh for all her contributions to a universal paradigm shift. Our first session helped me to sort out my head and realize my strengths. I’ve followed her work for years, and the research she allots for her projects is incredible. The amount of mental effort she affords her undertakings spares her audience of many hours of confusion and anguish. I wouldn’t have seen the world in quite the same way without crossing paths with her. She taught me about self-sovereignty, self-regard, timeline hacking, and passion maintenance. She is a treasure.” – Madeleine Aimé

Message me and let’s jump on a call to see if it’s a good fit for you and your 2019 goals.