If you’ve been following my page at all, you’ve probably seen the deluge of videos and posts I create in the service of helping people gain understanding of their patterns and how to bring greater awareness to their choices so they can operate from full creative freedom in order to bridge the gap between where they are now and the life that brings them bliss, happiness, and a full-bodied yes.

But every once in a while I remember to break it down and explain to people what it is we actually do in the course and what kind of results they can expect.

The Summer 2019 edition of The Re-Patterning Project starts June 30th, and here’s what you can expect to learn when you join us:

🔷 Why 7 out of 9 causes of depression/anxiety are EXTERNAL and have nothing to do with anything inherent to your system

🔷 How social conditioning affects what you believe is acceptable for yourself, how society is not set up to help you succeed and be happy, and how to succeed and be happy anyway

🔷 The 4 ways your beliefs form and how to backwards engineer them to create the mindsets that will lead to the results you want

🔷 How confirmation bias operates to keep us stuck in the past, and how we can hack it on purpose to change our future

🔷 How our early childhoods, trauma imprints, formative relationships, and social programming form the patterns that dictate our lives, and how we can change them to get what we want

🔷 How our trauma imprints create unhealthy coping mechanisms, like how we might fail to buy groceries for ourselves because we secretly think we don’t really matter, or why we might get turned on sexually by dangerous situations (haha stop looking at me like that 😭), and how to start making new choices instead

🔷 How our attachment styles predict the kind of relationships we attract and how to rewire ourselves for secure attachment to attract the healthy relationships we want WITHOUT losing any of the passion we crave

🔷 How our friendships are affected by our beliefs and how to create more positive, loyal bonds that enhance our lives instead of bringing drama

🔷 How to practice discernment, the art of knowing how to choose what’s best for us

🔷 How to achieve emotional self-mastery, the art of using our emotions as guideposts toward greater clarity, freedom, and happiness (instead of just shoving them down whenever they feel inconvenient)

🔷 How to hack the flow state so that our creative work feels happy and effortless

🔷 How to tune in to our life purpose and find out what ways we can both be of service to the world and also be in service to our own fulfillment, in ways we are uniquely wired for

What kind of results can you expect? Well, that depends on the intention you set, where you’re at in your life currently, and what you want for yourself. I’ve often said that The Re-Patterning Project is a little like an ayahuasca ceremony – we all go through the same experience, but everyone comes out with a different lesson. Here’s some of the results our past participants have achieved:

💠 One woman broke free of the suicidal thoughts she’d been having since age 7, and, having decided she wanted to live, committed to showing her art in four times as many art shows as the year before, and less than a year later was making as much money from her art in a single weekend as she made in two months at her day job.

💠 Another participant began the course in a 5-year rut of trauma-induced agoraphobia, unable to bring herself to even show her face on camera during the group calls. A few months after finding the ability to leave the house, she went on a job interview, nailed it, and even negotiated herself a raise!

💠 One woman began the course in a place where she already had a lot of success – a well-paying job at a tech company and a satisfying relationship – but was exhausted from overextending herself to others. The container helped her learn how to honor her “no,” deepen her relationship with her partner, stop having anxiety attacks over her job performance, begin to switch to her dream role within the company, and pursue the music career she’d always dreamed of on the side!

So it really depends on who you are and what you want – if you had complete creative freedom to build the life of your dreams, what would that look like for you?

Here’s what’s included:

🌐 8 weekly webinars teaching the course material

🌐 8 weekly group calls where you get to deep dive into your own personal queries and get tailored solutions

🌐 A private Facebook group container where you can not only access the material at any time but also post your shares, be witnessed (integral to any growth process!), and ask for advice

🌐 Bonus interviews with experts such as Robert Greene (author of The 48 Laws of Power), Katherine Gerardi (emotional alchemist), Yerasimos Stilianessis (transformational bodyworker), and Adam Lyons (income instinct expert and builder of millionaires)

💙 Plus a VIP upgrade option to work with me personally on your own pattern-hacking through Timeline Analysis and Timeline Therapy sessions!

It’s June, so your spot is now available for $1997. Payment plans available.

Send me a message, or leave a description of your dream life in the comments and say “I want in!”

There’s a timeline where you’re already living that life. Let’s make that quantum leap.