A lot of people – especially creatives – are surprised when I tell them I actually enjoy paying for services. A lot of people assume that if someone can get something for free, they would prefer that, or feel bad for putting a price tag on their offers.

For me, nothing could be further from the truth! Here’s a few reasons why:

1. Clear Deadline

When I’m paying for a service, I know when it’ll be done by. This allows me to plan the rest of the project in accordance with that timing. When accepting work for free, there’s almost no way to hold the service provider to a timeline without seeming rude, and this can derail the timing of a project even with the best of intentions.

2. Professional Expectations

If I’m paying for a service, then I know I can expect a certain level of professionalism in the quality of the work provided. If I’m getting it for free, I’m usually expected to accept whatever is delivered regardless of quality.

3. Asking Questions

Asking questions on the process is a lot easier when you’re paying for a professional’s time. This means I can get clarity on what’s being done without sounding like I’m micromanaging a gift horse.

4. Time Management

If I’m paying for a service, then I know I’m not infringing on a person’s free time – because they’re literally being paid for it! This means I feel good about the transaction because I know they’ve set aside proper time for it and it’s not detracting from their personal time.

5. Container Boundaries

When I hire a service provider, I know I can trust them to hold the  boundaries of the container. That means they know exactly what the terms of the transaction are, and I can trust them to steer the ship to get the work done.

6. Caretaking

I like feeling taken care of! When I’m paying for a person’s services, they understand that I’m ultimately hiring them to take care of a problem I need solved. I can relax and allow them to handle the issue. 

7. Treating Myself

It’s nice to treat ourselves once in a while! And what better way than by hiring a facilitator, creative, or small business owner to help make my life easier? 

These are just a few of the reasons I’d rather pay for something than get it for free. 

If you’re a creative and you still think that people don’t want to pay for your services, maybe I can spend a few hours with you to help you change your mind?

This time last year I put together a workshop including all the information that a creative person would need to turn their passion into a successful and thriving career earning money to do the things they love doing anyway. I brought on my friend and accountant Chris Hollywood, financial planner at The Wealth Architect, to check me and make sure everything I taught was legit. And together we spent over three hours spilling the secrets. 

I want making money to feel easy, joyful, and fun – for both us as service providers and for our clients and customers to feel awesome about each transaction.

I promise you, this is possible!

All told, when I decided to make this leap for myself a few years ago I spent about $12,000 in business coaching. I learned a lot – both about what to do and what NOT to do!

In this workshop I’ve included all the useful and necessary frameworks distilled down to their essence, AND removed (or called out!) all the sleazy and predatory hypercapitalist tactics I came across that take us out of our integrity as businesspeople and cause us to feel resistance.

I’ve transmitted it all in the span of about three hours.

And I’m offering it for $100.

(That’s less than .01% of what I paid for it!)

Mellow Money: A Workshop For Creatives On Making Money Without the Hustle is now available as a download course on Teachable.

Simply click here to view and download the course on Teachable and get started today on learning everything you’d need to know to make the easeful, creative life of your dreams a reality.

You can watch the workshop at your leisure, take notes, put it on repeat on your headphones at the gym, and allow the information to slowly open your mind up as to what’s possible for you. You can even join us in The Re-Patterning Parlor if you have questions or want to jam out with us on what you’re learning!

Just don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself seeing opportunities to make money doing what you love everywhere you go!

Check out Mellow Money on Teachable and let me know what you think!