Lately in a number of places I’ve seen the Oneness paradigm used to minimize and derail questions that are asking specific answers about specific kinds of relationships.

The Oneness (or unity consciousness) paradigm posits that we all, the human race, collectively, are cross-sections of Source divided by spacetime, that in the 5th dimension and beyond, where all time is present at once, we are all the same creature because we are all traceable back through time to that first single cell. My own mentor Grant Morrison likens it to imagining a cross-section of a 3D hand plunging into a 2D plane – to a 2D creature, four fingers would appear as four separate flat circles, whereas in the 3D we can see it’s all the same hand.

It’s truthful and it’s an idea that can hardly be argued when viewed in this conceptual light.

And yet I see far too many people weaponizing it to derail others’ questions in an attempt to appear superior:

“Is this person my soulmate? If so, do we share the same soul family members here on earth?”

“Well we’re all One anyway lol separation is an illusion.”

I saw a man respond to a woman’s question this way in a group tonight and I just about lost my shit.

So let’s make this abundantly clear:

The Oneness paradigm, while generally well-intentioned, is not of service when it derails a question that demands 3D specificity.

Arguing that “everyone is your soulmate” in the name of Oneness doesn’t help a person who has actual questions about specific relationships and how one relationship might differ qualitatively from others. We have language for a REASON. The dictionary isn’t a collection of blank pages. Words mean things. They have to, in order for us to understand and communicate with each other. Here in the 3D we have come to KNOW ourselves THROUGH ourselves. That means the entity that we are collectively will explore its edges through differentiation, to see all the infinite possibilities it can create. If it doesn’t have means to differentiate them, it’s useless.

So I call bullshit.

And my spidey sense calls arrogance too while we’re at it. Answering with “well we’re all one anyway lol” is a way to a) derail and minimize the question, b) attempt to appear superior without actually saying anything, and c) confuse the self-knowledge discovery that a spiritual path promotes.

Yes, we are all One.

And also the way you are presently choosing to express yourself in your free will as a fraction of that Oneness is extremely unhelpful, because we live in a free will universe of infinite possibility and right now you are making a free will choice to be obnoxious, whereas another person is making a free will choice to ask for sincere guidance.

See? Differentiation helps us understand things. Try it.