Hey guys. It’s 2018 and the timelines are so compressed that some things are manifesting almost instantly. So this is not the time to be casting becky-ass spells, ok? Assume that everything you say, type, RT, or share will instantly come true, because right now, it might.

“Men are trash”? Ok. “I’m such a hot mess”? Ok that too. “Lol I do nothing with my life but eat Doritos in bed”? Presto.

These things aren’t irreversible and you can self-correct if you slip up (because “I can self-correct when I slip up” is also a spell), but if you’re using words and phrases like this to create your reality NOW WOULD BE A REALLY GOOD TIME TO STOP. I can’t help yall if you’re going to keep giving your energy to failure and misery because you think it’s funny. I can put ascension codes in my posts all day long but if you’re not using and integrating them it’s not going to do much for you. And I’m not responsible for your choices but I’m also not out here just doing this for my own health. Your free will is your business, just please be aware of what you’re creating and make informed choices, for everyone’s sake. Thanks.