Please remember in the midst of this turmoil that everything is coming up to be healed. You can’t find a cure if you don’t understand the sickness.

Sure, I feel triggered, I feel exhausted, I feel resentful, I feel angry, I feel frustrated. But on another level, this past year has been a rapid acceleration toward systemic equality (both gender and racial), the speed of which we haven’t seen in a long time. All of a sudden there are consequences surfacing. I’m seeing the tipping point move toward the right side of history, which is why there is also so much backlash.

Something does feel different this time around, like the ice has finally cracked. I can’t explain my perception beyond a shift in the energy but it really does feel like the messages coming in are of being through the worst of it and slowly emerging on the other side. That doesn’t mean it won’t take time and hard work to unpack, deconstruct, and rebuild, but it does mean that we are set on a course moving in the right direction. It feels bad now because it’s a detox, and all the pain and harm has to come up to be released. Society is healing from collective trauma, and this part of the healing process sucks – trust me, I know. But there is so much goodness on the other side.

It’s possible that this message is for me only and that I’m projecting my experience on the whole of society – that’s my mediumship disclaimer right there, that this is far more a perception than a promise. But for what it’s worth, it feels right to me. And I know I’ve been getting messages – both through my own channels and through professionals I’ve hired – that this is part of my role in the Ascension, to bring in important upgrades to the collective by healing myself and then passing along instructions for others on how to do it. And I’ve said this before, but, at the risk of centering my own experience, it is really trippy to be healing my personal trauma on the micro while society is healing its collective trauma on the macro. It makes everything feel really vertiginous, a kind of astral space madness, a mirage that perhaps the spells I cast on myself also reverberated throughout the whole of the universe. I know I’m not the only one this is happening for – this is a wave. I’m one of several assigned to this aspect.

The other day I was with a friend when he took a phone call with the confirmation number 4444, and I noted to him the spiritual significance of repeating numbers. Days later, without meaning to look for it I came upon an infographic explaining the meaning behind repeating 4s, and I knew that was the message I (or he) was supposed to receive:

“The actions you take step by step, day by day, are what create change and improvement. This is how manifestation works. Stay diligent, and rest assured that things are developing even if you can’t see the visible results yet.”

But maybe the message is actually for all of us.

Even if we can’t see the visible results yet, things are developing.
The actions we take day by day are what creates change and improvement.
This is how manifestation works.
Stay diligent.
Rest assured.

Take it from one who’s been there: this is what healing looks like.