Last weekend at the Witch Haven retreat, we created sigils, carved them onto candles, and then lit them in a sacred circle we called in the park while a flock of geese slowly came out of the water to watch us.

I decided to sigilize for “My soul mission brings me financial prosperity.”

I just got a phone call from a producer at a major label I’d met over a year ago at one of my shows. We had exchanged numbers like you do when you’re drunk and just played a great show and imagine you’ll one day do some networking, and then of course never followed up with one another.

Today he called out of the blue to say, “Hey is this Arden? I know this is going way back and I’m not sure if you remember me, but I was just going through my new phone and saw I had you in my contacts as Arden Singer, I think I heard you perform at a showcase last year. I’m working on some new tracks and I’m looking to hire someone to sing on them. In fact some of them require classical training. Would you be interested and could you send me any recent stuff you have so I could check it out?”

Magick is real, folks.