Hey guys. Watch out for anyone telling you the spiritual path or awakening process or twin flame journey “definitely” looks a certain way. While there are hallmarks and patterns of these phenomena, DO NOT let anyone tell you there HAS to be suffering, running/chasing, martyrdom, empath blues, separation, or pain of any kind.

Yes, we have language so we can describe things to each other. And in the beginning, the language is necessary so we can figure out what the fuck is going on. But attaching to the language means limiting the ways the journey can show up. There are a million different ways your path can happen, and the only true way to discern is to look for the signs that speak to your heart. Don’t allow yourself to attach to the language you read so much that you deny anything that happens in your journey that you haven’t already read about.

Of course, sometimes spirit can speak to you through text, too. You’ll know because the sentence will jump out at you; it’ll be the part you want to quote or highlight. It’ll be the tweet you fav or the video you bookmark. You’ll feel movement in your heart when the words hit. Then yes, that’s spirit talking to you. But that’s very different from taking some twin flame article written by a human mind and believing each word is truth, to the point where you allow it to override the truth of your journey. (Honestly at some point you’ll reach a place where you’re reading along like “yup… yup… preach… hmm nope… bullshit… ok I see what they were going for but not exactly… ok yup… yup…”)

We all overthink at first, because we’re so overwhelmed with the newness and weirdness of expansion. This is ok. We’re in new terrain and we need a map. Totally understandable. But remember, THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRAIN.


And at some point, you’re just in the terrain. You know it like the back of your hand. You know when spirit is speaking to you and you know how to communicate back. You know how to work your timelines. You’re the master of your own reality, the facilitator of your own experience. You have your council of advisors both earthbound and astral but ultimately you are the Queen/King of your domain.

It happens sort of the way that nobody can teach you magick better than magick itself. The results you get once you start practicing speak for themselves to show you exactly how they work. Each spell you cast refines and refines your skill set. Of course it would unfold that way. Of course that’s just the logical progression.

So look to the language as long as you need to, as long as it serves you. But don’t forget that you will gently, gently loosen your grip on it over time. You may even come to a point where you have a hard time expressing yourself in words, but you won’t care, because you’ll be so very much in your heart.

Just remember that that’s where you’re headed.

And it’s ok not to be there yet, but it helps to be oriented in the right direction.