The short answer to all the cishet white men who believe that women and POC expressing anger means they are still in victim consciousness, aka my answer to two awful white men on a thread this morning even though it’s Saturday and I just woke up:

“Yall on this thread (white cishet men) think righteous anger is the same as victim consciousness.

It is not. Righteous anger is empowerment.

And no I’m not worried about hurting the feelings of terrible people who are harming marginalized folks with their beliefs and who believe that their BELIEF that they are NOT harming marginalized folks trumps (pun intended) the actual reported experience of the marginalized folks they are harming.

Why? Because I am out of fucks. Because the evolution of our society into something that is liveable for all people is more important to me than the fragility of entitled white men on a Facebook thread.

Why? Because making people like you guys understand that continuing to hold these beliefs WILL actively cost you friendships, work relationships, and the good opinion of your social circles is the only way to get you to change.

I’m good. I did my work. I feel awesome.

But the shit you guys are spouting is holding back the evolution of the planet. And yall weren’t listening when we were still making nice about it up through 2016 – no, us being polite to you got Trump elected. So we stopped being polite.

That’s what white supremacist patriarchy got you. The backlash of anger from women and POC who have been politely putting up with this bullshit for centuries.

WE ARE EXPRESSING OUR ANGER NOW BECAUSE IT IS THAT URGENT. IF YOU WANTED US TO BE NICE ABOUT IT YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD THESE CONVERSATIONS WITH US FIVE YEARS AGO WHEN WE TRIED. Instead you relegated us to “women’s studies” and the Lifetime channel and you gave black people February. Not good enough.

If you don’t like people being angry you should have listened to them the first time they tried talking to you.

Because now, yes, we are very purposefully making it very uncomfortable for harm like this to continue in the world.

That’s not victim consciousness. That’s the opposite.”