This came through today:

Jesus Christ did not die for our sins. He died because they killed him, because he threatened the existing establishment.

It was never necessary for Christ to die for us to be free. As he himself preached, “the kingdom of heaven is upon us” – ie, it’s here on earth, available to us whenever we’re ready to embrace it, merely by switching our mindset. There was no reason for him to become a martyr. Grace doesn’t work that way.

The idea that Jesus died for our sins is a made-up story created so that humanity can feel better about itself, so that it can pretend we live in a just world where Christ’s suffering was a necessary sacrifice he made on our behalf, so it can continue to deny that a powerful spiritual teacher came to earth in human form to liberate mankind from the prisons of its own minds and that we killed him when he was only thirty-three years of age. In a just world, Jesus would have lived out his days preaching and traveling with his bride Mary Magdalene, and died in his old age of natural causes like the Buddha.

The idea that Christ died for our sins is not sacred truth; it is a falsehood designed by humanity so that humanity can continue to deny its own shadow, so we can continue to repress the parts of ourselves responsible for his death, and so we can imagine that we would never participate in such horror were it not his fated destiny as a prophet. No, we live in a free will universe, and despite the fact that his death arguably galvanized the formation of the Christian faith, there was no real reason for him to die. Furthermore, this notion completely perverts the idea of Grace as something we must seek outside ourselves and have someone else do for us, when really what Christ taught was that it was accessible to everyone, even while he lived. Imagine someone twisting the words of your greatest teaching so that they could avoid their responsibility for killing you.

If we, especially Christians, admitted that we, humanity, had the capacity to kill Jesus Christ at the very height of his ministry, then that opens the Pandora’s Box of our collective shadow. What else are we capable of? Right now, we are capable, collectively, of voting into existence a police force (ICE) ungoverned by constitutional law, that has currently abducted over 7000 children from their families and lost over 1400 of them. Yes, you read that right – the administration that white Christianity predominantly voted into office has formed a police force that legally abducted, trafficked, and lost 1400 children in the last seven months.

The idea that Christ died for our sins is the biggest excuse for humanity ever made. And until we admit to ourselves the horrors we as a species continue to be capable of, we will not be able to see all the ways we continue to perpetuate them.

Don’t believe the hype.