On cultivating an energetic awareness of my body in order to maintain a state of flow as much as possible for the sake of maximum manifestation efficiency.

A conversation yesterday between me and my body:

Me: Body, we have funds to recoup post-album and taxes are due on Tues, we have to work today.
Body: I worked late last night and I feel awful. No going out work, I veto.
Me: Ok, there’s work we can do at home. How about mapping out the curriculum for the online course?
Body: Brain is a no, she feels super intimidated. Autonomic nervous system is already having a fit at the idea.
Me: Well what would make it easier?
Body: Smaller chunks.
Me: It needs a sales page.
Body: I have no idea how to make a sales page.
Me: You sound pretty resistant. Do you need some time to process that and write about it?
Body: Yes.
Me: Do you want to make a post? It’s not really the work you’re supposed to be doing right now but your followers like it when you share your feelings so it won’t be a waste of time.
Body: Thanks. I feel better now that I got that out. I realized I do know how to make a sales page – I just write the text, pick the photos, and then hire a web designer to do it for me.
Me: Good job! Can you write the text now?
Body: No.
Me: Why not?
Body: Because I need a better idea of the course curriculum before we can write inspired copy about it.
Me: That’s fair. Well, what’s keeping us from launching the new coaching website? That might attract some new people to work with.
Body: You still have a Lorem Ipsum where your blog should be.
Me: Right. Let’s figure out how to fix that.
Body: You still haven’t transferred the last six months’ worth of deep Facebook posts to your Typepad blog and Patreon blog let alone figuring out which posts you want to transfer from your Typepad blog to your new site blog.
Me: Good point. How about we transfer those Facebook posts to Typepad and Patreon? That’s mindless copy/paste work.
Body: We can do that.
Me: And then we can figure out which Typepad posts to start transferring to the new site blog, ok?
Body: You don’t know how to post to the new site blog though.
Me: Chiara sent us the video on how to do it, you just haven’t watched it yet. Will you just watch it before you freak out?
Body: Fine.
Me: And then we can transfer the posts to the site. And hey, when we’ve sifted through all the trauma-related posts that belong on it, I bet we’ll have all the material to draw up our course curriculum from!
Body: That does sound like the most efficient way to approach it. You should probably start keeping track of things you think of while you’re going through the posts and write your ideas down on a grid with 8 squares, one for each of 8 weeks of the course.
Me: That’s a great idea. Then we can draw up the sales page, and once the sales page is posted you’re going to be so proud of how pretty and professional it looks, and it’s going to make so much money because you put the time and effort into creating something you could be proud of.
Body: You make a compelling argument.