A quick discussion on energetic justice:



“Follow your dreams” is nearly irrelevant until you’ve healed your core wound, because until you’ve healed your core wound you might not be able to discern what your dreams truly are.

Wounded dreams are the dreams you think will make others like you.

Healed dreams are for yourself.


Person on twitter:

on the one hand this is touching and beautiful and high gratitude to the author for it. on the other hand my unhealed dream is to make every single motherfucker pay and im not interested in any healing that would defer this particular dream.



I mean you definitely get to choose that if you want but I wouldn’t personally recommend it. Once you release attachment to having your restitution come from a specific person and instead allow it to come from where the universe chooses, you get much happier.

Basically the math behind this is that if you need it to come in through a specific pipeline, you are limiting the channels by which you may receive it. If you allow it to come from anywhere it will move like water and find the quickest path.

It’s not easy to let go of the need for your reparations to come from your oppressors but once you do? Oh man, it’s just freedom. It’s heaven. It’s rainbows and lollipops all day.

I only did it because my healer asked me to, and I was paying her good money so I followed her instructions.

She said, “Are you willing to allow the universe to make it up to you and not your ex? Because I guarantee you, the universe is WAY better at it than he is.”

I paused and then simply said, “Yes.”

I wasn’t enthusiastic about it at the time. But I had hired her, and I trusted her expertise. What was I going to do, say no?

All it took was a word. All it took was my speaking an allowance for the possibility of it to show up that way.

I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m a creator of my own reality, and I paint in wild, fantastical brushstrokes. It takes effort sure but now anything is possible.

And my ex is miserable yeah but the vengeance was leaving him in that prison of his own making.

And sure, I rejoice in some ugly truths about him being exposed and the ensuing embarrassments, but that’s an easy topple, energetically speaking – that’s just revealing what’s already there. I didn’t need anything from him. That was the universe’s work too.