Magick, in its essence, is the understanding that in order to get something you have to figure out how to already have it. If you can hack that, then you understand magick.

The trouble is most people can’t. Most people will read that sentence and laugh. “Well duh, if I could figure out how to already have it I wouldn’t have to get it!”

Yes, exactly (you tell them). That’s precisely it.

You turn yourself into the person who already has what you want, the person who is so confirmed in their worthiness of it that NOT having it becomes as minor an inconvenience as running out of eggs and having to pick some up at the store. You have to believe it’s that easy.

Feel the misalignment and indignation in the meantime if you must. Wake up in your current circumstances and think “This will not do.” That’s the energy shifting. That’s when you know your changes are afoot.

The rest is just reeling it in.