What I like about teaching magick instead of “self-help” is that it doesn’t have to stop when you’re healed.

You can absolutely use magick to set healing intentions and transform your life from the rut you feel stuck in to a world where you feel whole and happy, which is the goal of self-help.

But with magick, you get to keep playing. You don’t have to stop when you’re healed, and you don’t have to keep on being in pain in order to utilize it. You can decide to never run out of new dreams to manifest, newer and bigger spells to cast. You can start painting with different colors, get creative, build new and interesting realities in the same way you might take a vacation to another country – just to have an adventure and see what it’s like for a bit. You can hone your skills into mastery if you want, and if you get that far, you can start using your powers to help transform the world. In fact, if you reach that point in your learning process, it’s inevitable you’ll be enlisted into greater service, whether by your human colleagues, spirit, or both.

That’s why I feel good about teaching this: I don’t need people to be in pain to find value in it.

I can help those who are in pain, of course. But their healing doesn’t mean I have to lose them as a client.

So I get to avoid that nasty dynamic by which one’s sales success can end up, just by nature of the product, dependent upon convincing people they’re broken.

Which in seeing all the issues cropping up with “self-help” gurus lately is a balm to my soul.

If you’re in pain, I want to help you.

But I don’t want to keep you there.

I want you to move on to the advanced stuff with me and see what realities we can create together from a place of wholeness. I want to create a pack of genius magicians who are constantly playing and creating and challenging each other. I want us, ultimately, to look at magick like we do academia or art or cooking or any other knowledge-based skill set we pursue because we simply have a passion for it.

Because I would never want to create a reality where you to need to be hurting to work with me.