Secret, you guys? I often lowkey turn my nose up at a lot of the spiritual counselors out there offering financial advice through magical means. It just seems… discordant. Most of the people who are obviously good with money don’t seem to be using magick to manage it.

However. I absolutely believe in the power of magick to bring you everything you need to achieve your goals, and financial ones are no different.

Not even a week ago I made a post (here: asking if a service existed where I could pay for one 10-minute phone call a month where I could run down the fiscal stats of my previous month and receive tiny, easy, actionable steps for what to do with what I’d earned. Ten minutes and tiny steps is an easy chunk I can commit to without being overwhelmed. And almost immediately my friend Chris Hollywoodcommented on it and offered to schedule a brief phone consultation with me.

Chris is a financial planner living in NYC. We met through some fellow coaching colleagues and hit it off, and I was dazzled by his acumen in an arena I’m totally intimidated by. I envied his ease in talking about and handling money, but I had no idea how to ask him to share his knowledge – I didn’t want to take advantage of him as a friend, and I felt confident I couldn’t afford him since being good with money means you don’t need to go out of your way for the small amount I’d be able to afford to pay you.

Today on our call he told me, “Arden, I’ve been working in finance for a long time, and I hear a lot of dumb questions. In your post, you asked one of the smartest questions I’ve ever heard: what do I do on an everyday, month-to-month basis to increase my wealth?

“You see,” he continued, “I’m writing a book about everything I know, and the working title is Your Financial Planner Sucks Because You Suck Too. Because people don’t know the right questions to ask. And most of these big guys, they charge a huge fee and then they have one big meeting with their client per year. And they’re not looking at the small everyday money moves that count.

“Your post described exactly the ideal service I want to offer people – one short phone call a month, at an affordable rate, to give some easy moves to make before the next month. And if you stick with it for a year, I bet by 2019 you’ll be shocked how far you’ve come and how much wealth you’ve built.

“Now full disclosure, you would be my first client of this nature. But I’ve done it for my friends and family and I believe I can do it for you too.”

Well fuck yes! I replied. This is exactly the thing I’m looking for, and somehow it doesn’t yet exist, and yet I have managed to manifest a connection with the person who decided it is exactly the service he wants to start offering and who not only is willing to take me on as a guinea pig but also suggested exactly the rate I had in mind.

Magick. Is. Real.

And you can bet if this works I’m going to be bringing Chris to all of yall too, because what’s better than all of us succeeding – me with my money, all of yall with your money, and Chris with his genius business idea.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of money intimidating me. I’m over creating a life where my wealth was signified by the Swarovski Louboutins bought for me by men who knew more about money than I did. I want a home and a secure future and to only have to do work I love doing anyway. So that’s what I’m going to create for myself.

You probably won’t see me offering money manifestation classes anytime soon, or ever. Why would I, when I could just hire Chris to teach what he knows way better than I do, or just refer people to his services?

But what I CAN teach you is how to set the intentions to call in the exact people and lessons you need to achieve your goals.

Intention-to-manifestation turnaround time? FIVE DAYS.